Review of industrial applications of printed electronics - what are current successful applications?

13 Apr, 2023

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TechBlick's presentation reviews printed electronics' industrial applications, dispelling the notion that it's solely a technology of the future. The talk showcases various commercial success stories incl. photovoltaics, displays, sensors, HMIs, 3D electronics, MLCCs, PCBs, semicon packaging, etc

Printed electronics is a promising additive technique to produce all manners of devices. It is already a very successful industry. However,  some continue to consider only a technology of the future. This is partly because when printed electronics succeeeds, it is often no longer called printed electronics, leading some to overlook its current successes.

TechBlick is the home of additive and printed electronics. In this TechBlick presentation - which was originally posted here-  aims to highlight a diverse range of printed electronics applications which are already industrialized today. This offers a good view of the depth and breadth of the industry, demonstrating how this technology is literally everywhere!

You can download the slides accompaying this presentation here

Here we will cover the following

  • Printed metalization of Si PVs (PERC, Topcon, and HJT PVs)
  • Organic and Perovskite Photovoltaics
  • QD-OLED Displays
  • MicroLED Color Conversion
  • MLCCs
  • PCB Industry (solder printing, solder & legend printing)
  • Automotive industry (from occupancy sensors to seat heaters to 3D touch surfaces)
  • Medical and Biosensors (from glucose test strips to multilayer precision biosensors)
  • HMIs
  • 2.5D and 3D Electronics
  • Intelligent packaging
  • Semiconductor packaging
  • and many more

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