Qoitech for power analysis and battery optimisation

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22 Apr, 2024

Qoitech for power analysis and battery optimisation

Discover the Qoitech Otii Arc Pro, the ultimate power analysis tool for enhancing device energy efficiency. Learn how its precision, user-friendly interface, and unique battery optimization features can transform your electronic design and development projects for the better.

In the world of electronic design and development, the importance of power analysis has surged, driven by the push for energy efficiency and sustainability in today’s technology. Tools like the Qoitech Otii Arc Pro DC Power Analyzer emerge as pivotal solutions, catering to engineers' and designers’ needs to optimize power consumption and enhance device battery life.

Advancements in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and the growing complexity of power delivery networks (PDNs) shape the landscape of power analysis. These developments underscore the need for sophisticated analysis tools that can navigate the challenges of modern electronic design, from managing multiple power domains to optimizing for low power consumption.

The Qoitech Otii Arc Pro stands at the forefront of this field, offering precise, in-depth insights into devices’ power usage, facilitating the identification of inefficiencies, and driving the optimization of power management strategies. Its role is crucial in enabling the development of energy-efficient, high-performance devices that meet the demands of an increasingly connected and environmentally conscious world.

In this article, we dive into the critical role of power analysis in electronic design and development, highlighting the growing need for efficient power management in the face of advancing technology.

Overview of the Qoitech Otii Arc Pro

The Qoitech Otii Arc Pro is a compact, versatile instrument designed for developers and engineers focusing on power analysis and battery optimization for low-power devices. It is a powerful tool, providing real-time analysis and measurements for current, voltage, and power, thereby making it an essential device for optimising energy consumption and extending the battery life of IoT devices and applications.

Compact and Portable Design

The Otii Arc Pro is characterised by its compact and lightweight design, making it highly portable for field measurements, lab work, and office use. It measures 10.9 x 14.4 x 4.4cm and weighs 450 grams, ensuring ease of transport and use in various environments without a traditional lab setup.

Powerful Features for Versatile Use

Capable of handling a maximum current of up to 5A and a voltage range of 0.5V to 5V, the Otii Arc Pro can be powered by USB or an external DC adapter, offering flexibility depending on the testing environment and device requirements. Its precise measurement capabilities are complemented by the Otii software, which runs on Windows, Ubuntu, and macOS. It provides an intuitive interface for real-time analysis, statistics generation, and energy consumption monitoring.

The device includes various technical specifications, such as a current measurement accuracy of ±(0.1% + 50 nA), voltage accuracy of ±(0.1% + 1.5 mV), and a sample rate of up to 4ksps, making it an accurate and reliable tool for detailed power analysis. The Otii Arc Pro also offers additional functionalities through its software, supporting a wide range of analyses and optimisations for energy consumption.

Its ability to conduct detailed power analysis and battery optimisation on the go empowers users to tackle energy efficiency challenges directly in the field, enhancing the development of power-efficient hardware and software solutions.

Software and Support

The Otii Arc Pro is supported by Otii Basic perpetual software. As part of a recent update, it now includes a perpetual license for Otii Pro software at no additional cost, offering advanced features and capabilities for users who require in-depth analysis and optimization tools. This change provides significant value, allowing access to enhanced functionalities such as scripting and profiling for batteries and energy harvesting solutions without needing a separate subscription. Additional software modules can still be purchased for extended functionalities.

Key Features and Benefits

The Qoitech Otii Arc Pro stands out for its precision, versatility, and user-friendly interface. It is an indispensable tool for developers and engineers focused on power optimization and battery life extension.

Precise Power Measurement

The Otii Arc Pro distinguishes itself with exceptional accuracy and resolution in power measurements. It offers a current measurement accuracy of ±(0.1% + 50 nA) and a voltage accuracy of ±(0.1% + 1.5 mV), with a sample rate of up to 4k samples per second. 

This high level of precision is crucial for accurately assessing device power consumption, enabling developers to pinpoint energy inefficiencies and optimise device performance. The precise power measurement capability ensures that even the smallest power draw is accounted for, providing a detailed understanding of a device's energy needs.

Versatile Application Support

The Otii Arc Pro is designed to support various devices and applications, making it an ideal tool for various sectors, including IoT devices, wearable technology, and any battery-powered device. Its ability to measure current from nA to 5A across a voltage range of 0.5V to 5V makes it versatile enough to handle everything from low-power sensors to more demanding electronic devices. 

This versatility is further enhanced by its software, which supports real-time energy profiling and optimisation across different stages of development, from initial design to final product testing.

User-Friendly Software Interface

The Otii software enhances the overall usability of the Otii Arc Pro through an intuitive and customizable interface. It offers users a comprehensive set of analysis tools and project settings, making conducting detailed power and energy measurements easier. 

The software provides real-time analysis capabilities, allowing for the immediate visualization of power consumption patterns and the identification of power-hungry processes. Users can easily scroll, zoom, and select parts of the current consumption data for in-depth analysis. 

Additionally, the software supports unlimited undo/redo actions and maintains a fully responsive UI even under heavy data measurement loads, ensuring a smooth user experience. 

Otii software comes as powerful yet easy-to-use desktop application for Ubuntu, Windows & macOS. Image: Qoitech.

Extended Battery Analysis

The Otii Arc Pro's extended battery analysis features offer the capability to simulate various battery profiles and analyze battery life extensively. This functionality is especially crucial for developing portable and remote devices, where battery life is key. 

The Otii Arc Pro comprehensively assesses a device's performance under various power scenarios by enabling developers to emulate different battery types and conditions. It helps identify potential inefficiencies and optimize battery usage, thereby extending the operational lifespan of the device.

Integration with Development Workflows

Integration with existing development and testing workflows is another standout feature of the Otii Arc Pro. It supports scripting and automation, allowing developers to automate tests and directly integrate power and energy measurements into their development pipelines. 

This seamless integration facilitates continuous monitoring and optimization of power consumption throughout the development process, from initial prototyping to final product testing. By enabling automated testing and analysis, the Otii Arc Pro enhances productivity and ensures that power optimization is a consistent focus throughout product development.

Use Cases

The Qoitech Otii Arc Pro has found numerous applications in the real world, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness in optimizing power consumption across a wide range of industries. From ensuring consumer electronics' longevity to enhancing IoT devices' operational efficiency in agriculture, the Otii Arc Pro plays a crucial role in various settings.

Optimizing Power Consumption in IoT Devices

Maintaining optimal power consumption is a critical challenge in the rapidly expanding domain of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Otii Arc Pro is instrumental in addressing this challenge by allowing developers to accurately measure and analyze the power usage of their devices in real-time. This capability is particularly valuable when devices must operate on limited power sources for extended periods, such as in smart home applications, wearable technology, and remote monitoring systems. By identifying and minimizing energy wastage, the Otii Arc Pro helps significantly extend the battery life of these devices, thereby enhancing their reliability and user experience.

Prolonging Battery Life in Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics, including smartphones, laptops, and wearable devices, are integral to daily life. The Otii Arc Pro aids manufacturers in these sectors by providing detailed insights into the power consumption patterns of their products. Through meticulous analysis, developers can optimize the energy efficiency of these devices, ensuring they offer longer battery life. This not only meets the consumer's expectations for durability and performance but also contributes to the sustainability of the products by reducing the frequency of charging and lowering the environmental impact.

Quality Control in Manufacturing

In industrial settings, such as factories, the Otii Arc Pro can be used for quality control to ensure that equipment operates within specified power consumption parameters. This application is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and reliability of manufacturing processes, where any deviation in power usage can indicate potential equipment setup or function issues. By integrating the Otii Arc Pro into their quality control routines, manufacturers can preemptively address these issues, ensuring their machinery operates optimally and reducing downtime.

These practical applications underscore the Otii Arc Pro's versatility and effectiveness in enhancing energy efficiency and optimising power consumption across various industries.

Comparison with Other Power Analyzers

The Qoitech Otii Arc Pro distinguishes itself from other power analyzers in several key aspects, offering unique features and benefits for users focusing on precision, user interface, and efficiency in power analysis and battery optimization.

Precision and Measurement Capabilities: The Otii Arc Pro delivers high precision in both current and voltage measurements, essential for accurately gauging the power consumption of devices. It features an impressive current measurement accuracy of ±(0.1% + 50 nA) and voltage measurement total accuracy of ±(0.1% + 1.5 mV), which stands out when compared to many competitors. This level of precision is critical for developers working on low-power devices, where even small inaccuracies can significantly affect the outcome of power consumption analyses.

User Interface and Software Features: The Otii software, which comes with the Otii Arc Pro, enhances the user experience by providing a clear and intuitive interface for conducting measurements and analyzing data. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including the ability to synchronize expansion port and power measurements, thereby making it easier for developers to correlate power consumption with application states. This seamless integration of hardware with software simplifies the process of identifying and addressing power inefficiencies.

Unique Features for Battery Optimization: One of the standout features of the Otii Arc Pro is its battery toolbox, which supports battery emulation and profiling. This allows developers to accurately model and test their devices under various battery conditions without the need for physical battery changes, ultimately leading to more energy-efficient designs. By utilizing this feature, companies have been able to switch to smaller, more cost-effective batteries that still meet their operational requirements, such as achieving a battery life of 6 months, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and reducing the cost of their products.

Comparison with Competitors: When compared to other power analyzers, the Otii Arc Pro's combination of precision, ease of use, and specialized features for battery optimization set it apart. For example, its ability to both source and sink current, alongside a comprehensive software suite that facilitates battery emulation and profiling, is not commonly found in other power analysis tools. This versatility makes it an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications, from IoT devices to other battery-powered technologies.

Final Thoughts

The Qoitech Otii Arc Pro has emerged as a pivotal tool in the field of electronics development, particularly for those focused on enhancing energy efficiency and fostering sustainable technology innovations. This compact, yet remarkably powerful device, serves a multifaceted role—acting as a power profiler, DC energy analyzer, power supply, digital multimeter, and SMU, all designed to streamline the development process of electronic devices.

One of the Otii Arc Pro's standout features is its ability to precisely source voltage or current while simultaneously measuring these parameters. This capability is critical for engineers and developers aiming to pinpoint and mitigate energy drains within their devices, thereby optimizing battery life and overall energy consumption.

Moreover, the Otii Arc Pro's design incorporates a synchronization expansion port and power measurements, enabling seamless correlation of power consumption with the application state, thereby offering a comprehensive view of a device's energy profile.

The versatility, precision, and comprehensive feature set of the Otii Arc Pro underscore its value in creating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly electronic solutions. As we look towards a future where sustainability is increasingly paramount, tools like the Otii Arc Pro play a crucial role in enabling developers to meet these challenges head-on, fostering innovations that are not only technologically advanced but also kind to our planet.

In conclusion, the integration of the Qoitech Otii Arc Pro into the electronics development workflow offers a pathway to significantly improve product performance and environmental sustainability. By leveraging this tool, developers can gain deeper insights into their devices' energy consumption, unlocking new opportunities for optimization and efficiency that benefit both the end-users and the environment.


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