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Flying over Hazardous Inspections

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Surge Tank Inspection

Using an Intelligent Flying Robot, inspectors can safely perform measurements and inspections without exposure to potential hazards.

Intelligent Flying robots, such as the SKYRON, offer a precise and low-risk alternative to conventional inspection methods. This robot allows a pair of inspectors to perform measurements and inspections without exposure to potential hazards safely. 

One example of the robot's capabilities is its ability to perform Non-Destructive Testing on a contaminated Surge Tank. The tank's hazardous environment made it challenging to conduct conventional inspections. By utilizing the intelligent flying robot, the inspectors could avoid close contact with the contaminated materials and conduct a safe Ultrasonic Thickness inspection. This highlights the potential for more NDT inspections to be conducted in hazardous environments without risking the safety of inspectors. 

Avestec creates technology for non-destructive testing servicing and flying tethered robots. We aim to make industrial inspections quicker and cheaper while maintaining inspector safety. We will be able to drive the global development of flying robots. The Avestec Engineers in Vancouver, British ...

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