In this episode, we discuss a breakthrough from ETH Zurich to mimic natural foot signals to the brain using state of the art neuroprosthetics.

Podcast: Neuroprosthetics: The Next Step Towards Limb Reconstruction

In this episode, we discuss a breakthrough from an EPFL researcher which promises to finally make hydrogen a feasible source of energy by extracting it efficiently from ammonia.

Podcast: How Hydrogen Will Replace Batteries

By definition, networking is “the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts”, but in more recent times, has networking become a buzzword with no action?

Networking: just a buzzword or pivotal for manufacturing success?

In this episode, we discuss how CalTech researchers have created bionic jellyfish to help us explore the oceans and better understand the impacts of climate change.

Podcast: Jellyfish Cyborgs Help Explore The Oceans & Solve Climate Change

In this episode, we discuss a novel sticker capable of monitoring the health of organs in real time allowing for more successful organ transplants and catching signs of diseases earlier than ever!

Podcast: Sticker to Monitor Your Internal Organs

In this episode, we discuss how Dyson - the company best known for their vacuum cleaners - has created an automated and sustainable farm to harvest the best possible strawberries with the least amount of environmental impact.

Podcast: Dyson's Automated, Self-sustaining Strawberry Farm

In this episode, we talk about the initiative from PolySpectra to generate 3D CAD models from text using AI.

Podcast: Creating 3D Objects With AI

In this episode, we talk about how a driven undergraduate student from Columbia University mapped fingerprints from different fingers of the same person - which was widely known to be impossible by the experts in the field - using publicly available data and machine learning.

Podcast: Matching "Unmatchable" Fingerprints

In this episode, we discuss the shortcomings of previous attempts at making flexible wearable sensors and how researchers at CalTech have addressed them to create high performance stress sensor stickers.

Stress Sensing Stickers

In this episode, we talk about MIT researchers making a smart tool (like a robot scientist) that uses AI to understand and explain how other AI brains (neural networks) work.

Podcast: AI Model Tests AI Models To Tell Us How They Work

In this episode, we talk about a new AI designed catheter that is 100x safer than and how it came to be after a passive conversation about fun facts between two researchers.

Podcast: AI Makes Catheters 100 Times Safer

In this episode, we discuss the breakthrough in tissue engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute which enables the creation of skin tissue with functional hair follicles and its benefits to the medical field.

Podcast: Step Aside Rogaine, 3D Printed Hair Is Here

In this episode, we talk about how a soft robotic exoskeleton from Harvard and Boston University is allowing patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease to get their independence back by being able to walk safely without extra assistance.

Podcast: Exoskeleton To Help Parkinson's Patients Walk

In this episode, we dive into our favorite episodes from the last year and present the first annual saucy awards!

Podcast: 2023 Recap & First Annual Saucies!

In this episode, we delve into the cognitive strategies employed by researchers at EPFL to augment the human body with an additional robotic arm and learn about the profound impact of cognitive enhancements on the integration of advanced robotic limbs

Podcast: Why Robotic Limbs Are Critical To The Human Race