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Tinker Open Source Motorcycle Kit

An open source downloadable motorcycle kit for framing or reframing new or used engines.


SetupCAD or CAM
CostFree downloadable
PurposeRe-framing engines of damaged bikes, customization
SpeedUp to 140


3D-Printable Frame Kit with an Open-Source Design

Open-source motorcycle kits like Tinker are designed and distributed without any restrictive licenses. Anyone can use open-source plans, instructions, and design files to build their product, hence contributing to the product's evolution. 

The motorcycle frame design is quite simple and doesn't require professional handling. Even non-specialist motorcycle enthusiasts can download the design file and have the frame components printed at a local engineering shop. Tinker's frame can be 3D printed on a CAD waterjet setup. 

The non-weld frame can be put together with the help of instructions manual and provides sturdy housing to any motorcycle engine, new or old. The primary framing does not require fabrication if the engine is in good condition. And the entire assembly will take just a touch over an hour. 

Tinker's open-source plan is inspired by Cafe Racer motorbikes, which provide a good foundation for building customized bikes. Suitable for any motorcycle engine, the Tinker motorcycle kit complies with UK regulations and supports up to 140 mph speed. 

Versatile Applications with Tinker Motorcycle Kits

Open-source motorcycle kits like Tinker have been quite popular in the engineering world. These easy-to-download kits enable bike enthusiasts to think out of the box. Here are some significant benefits:

Learning Opportunity for Beginners

For mechanics, electronics, robotics, etc., students, open-source motorcycle kits provide an excellent learning experience, allowing them to build unique projects with their creativity. Students can better understand the mechanics of motorcycle engines, as well as the dynamics of road bikes. They can use this knowledge to build need-specific motorbikes. 

Allows Collaboration

The best part of open-source kit plans is that they are unrestricted. This means bike enthusiasts can use plans and collaborate with the biker community. The open-source platform lets them share ideas, drawings, and plans others can benefit from. Similarly, in case of any problem, the community is always there to help. 

Affordable Solution for Small-Scale Production

Tinker is a free-downloadable project that can be 3D printed using a CAD waterjet setup, hence a lot cheaper than traditional bike frames. Moreover, the motorcycle framing components can be 3D printed as needed, hence viable for building prototypes and new products.

Research and Development

3D printable motorcycle framing kits have an enormous scope in the bike manufacturing industry. Bike manufacturers can utilize these kits to build and test newer models, identify areas of improvement in the existing models, and develop more robust designs. 

Not only that, but individuals who want to give their bikes a unique look can leverage the motorcycle kit.


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