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Learn how the ZOELLER Group now takes just days rather than weeks to develop and optimize its custom-made components thanks to their large-format 3D printers.

Fast, Targeted Product Development in Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing with 3D Printing

Studio Artefact specializes in “themed immersive experiences” uses 3D printing to create awe-inspiring structures and decorations. At present, Studio Artefact operates a fleet of six BigRep large-format 3D printers. The team works mainly with PETG, and has seen its horizons widen exponentially with each additional 3D printer installed. Prior to 3D printing, it would make most of its large structures with styrofoam sculpting, welding, and woodworking technique, which was painstaking and took much longer than 3D printing, placing a limit on productivity and profitability.


Read how Kawasaki Motors Corp.’s Lincoln, USA manufacturing facility saved up to 85% of costs on production tooling by optimizing automotive and aerospace production with BigRep’s large-format additive manufacturing systems. Kawasaki wasn’t a stranger to 3D printing before diving into large-format with their BigRep. By opting to invest in their own facility instead of depending on outsourcing, Kawasaki brought supply chains in house, streamlined engineering and logistical workflows, and returned their investment in just 6 months.

How Kawasaki Optimized Production with 3D Printed Tooling

PLA and ABS are the most commonly used filaments out there. But which one should you pick? And are there other filament options for your application?

PLA vs. ABS and More - Choosing the Right Filament

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a 3D printer, such as material capabilities, build size, purpose and future intention. However, one conversation that OEMs are afraid to have with prospects and clients is the true cost of ownership.

3D Printer Cost of Ownership:  What You Need to Consider

CNC Machining and 3D printing both have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to a producing a part – whether it’s a prototype or tooling. Machine shops all over the world are benefiting by having both technologies.

CNC Machining and 3D Printing - How to Decide the Best Technology for your Application