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STMicroelectronics STEVAL-C34KAT2 Temperature Sensor Expansion Kit

A temperature sensor expansion kit for prototyping and evaluation with the ISM330IS sensor.


Product TypeMultiple Function Sensor Development Tools
Low-power consumption0.46 mA (high-performance mode), 0.59 mA(low-power mode)
Supply Voltage1.8 to 3.3 Volts
Cable Type34-pin flex cable
Temperature Range-40 to +125 Degrees Celsius
ApplicationsTemperature monitoring, vibration sensing, IoT, Industry 5.0


The STEVAL-C34KAT2 Temperature Sensor Expansion Kit from STMicroelectronics is a multi-sensing expansion kit with the STEVAL-C34AT02 expansion board and a flex cable. It is designed with the ISM330IS sensor and the STTS22H temperature sensor, which is thermally coupled to the PCB. The kit is designed to help developers quickly and easily prototype and evaluate the performance of the ISM330IS sensor in a variety of applications,.

Comprehensive Temperature Sensing Kit with Low-Power Capabilities

The STMicroelectronics STEVAL-34KAT2 temperature sensor kit offers a multi-sensing expansion kit featuring the STEVALC34AT02 expansion board. The board has a 34-pin flex cable and a pre-soldered set of sensors. These sensors include an inertial sensor and a temperature sensor. As the pair of sensors is already connected to the board, developers can instantly integrate the board with an external PC or embedded systems for data acquisition. 

The inertial sensor is the ISM330IS inertial measurement unit. It’s a 6-axis unit combining a 3-axis digital accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. The sensor provides measurements for acceleration, angular rate, and board orientation. It can boost performance at 0.59 mA in high-performance mode with an ‘always-on’ low-power feature allowing continuous data logging for motion-based applications. 

The temperature sensor is an STTS22H ultra-low-power temperature sensor that provides high-accuracy digital temperature readings. The sensor is soldered at the side of the PCB and thermally coupled to the PCB via exposed vias. It offers a wide operating temperature range from -40 to +125 degrees Celsius and is coupled with an A/D converter and an i2C/SMBus 3.0. 

The board is optimized for low-power applications and hardware, allowing for real-time algorithm execution. Its use cases include but are not limited to factory automation, anomaly detection, asset tracking, etc. Thanks to a minimalistic design, the board can be mounted to any equipment using screws or even double-sided adhesive tape. 

Easy Setup with the STWIN.box Kit for Rapid Development and Prototyping

The expansion board is compatible with the STWIN.box kit, so it makes it quite straightforward to integrate the sensor for prototyping and testing industrial sensing applications. The box is called the SensorTile Wireless Kit and features a high mechanical accuracy to measure vibrations for the most advanced industrial sensors. 

To integrate the sensor with the STWIN.box, the user must connect the flex cable to the 34-pin connector mounted on the board and the sensor.

The board can be mounted inside the STWIN.box by removing the plastic case cover. The flex cable cavity ensures smooth connectivity and no mechanical hindrance for the cable. Once the cable is connected, the sensor data can be read using the FP-SNSDATALOG2 function pack. It’s a firmware package featuring a precompiled binary for sensor data acquisition. 

The STEVAL-C34KAT2 is an easy-to-use expansion kit used in various industrial sensor prototyping and monitoring applications.


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