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Skyworks Solutions SI823Hx-DFN14KIT Evaluation Kit

An evaluation kit for power IGBTs and MOSFET for switching and motor driving applications.


TypeGate Driver Evaluation Board
Maximum Tolerable RateHigh CMTI 125
Input Voltage15
ApplicationsGate driver evaluation for High Power switching, motor control
Supported DevicesSI823Hx Gate Driver Family
Additional FeaturesProprietary Silicon Isolation technology, Reduced Skew, propagation delays, and temperature-based variations


Skyworks Solutions Inc. SI823Hx-DFN14 Evaluation Kit is a dual-gate driver demonstration and evaluation kit designed for SI823H1BB-IM1 ISO Driver. The kit features a pre-installed SI823H1BB-IM1 driver in DFN-14 packaging. The SI823Hx family of gate drivers is widely used in motor control, DC power supplies, discrete transformers, and dedicated integrated circuits. The SI823Hx-DFN14 kit allows designers to evaluate gate driver performance, particularly for high-power applications.

High Power Testing for Industry-Grade Gate Drivers

The SI823Hx gate drivers feature a proprietary silicon isolation technology. It allows the gate drivers with a higher voltage withstanding capability of up to 5 kVrms per UL1577. The kit helps evaluate key parameters that make these drivers critical to industrial applications, such as motor speed control, DC-to-DC switching for power supplies, handling PWM inputs, etc. 

It also introduces unique features like driver shutdown on Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) faults that protect board circuitry from unpredictable circuit behavior at lower voltages. The pull-up and pull-down outputs can be configured via diode and resistor combinations that optimize the ON/OFF current for FETs. The user can further modify the board for half-bridge gate applications. Additionally, pull-up and pull-down resistors offer extra protection if the VOA and VOB outputs fail. 

The tester can also modify the driver dead time by optimizing the resistor in the circuit. The device data sheet features a detailed guide on selecting the resistance value for precisely programming the device dead time. 

The board is designed to accurately test various features of gate drivers from Skyworks, such as timing specifications, Common Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI), part-to-part matching, and maximum tolerable rate of fall or rise.

Microcontroller and Control Circuitry Interface

The SI823Hx-DFN14 evaluation kit is designed to work with external control circuits and microcontrollers. It features screw terminals for a quick testbench setup for devices’ parameter evaluation. Additionally, the evaluation kit can connect to external devices and systems to verify their various features and parameters. The board has TTL-level compatible inputs with support for PWM inputs as well. Hence, testers can connect the board to external devices with mounting screws, enabling quick and easy connectivity with the devices to evaluate gate drivers. 

Thanks to a compact board size, it’s easily portable and can be handled conveniently on any test bench. The evaluation board testing setup requires a signal generator, oscilloscope, dual DC power supply with 0V to 5V and 0V to 15V or two single supplies with similar voltage ranges, and necessary cables and leads for voltage supply and measurement. The kit also features software tools and a user guide for first-time testers. Once the hardware setup is completed, software configuration must be set up according to the user guide instructions. 

The dual drivers in the evaluation kit feature high-side/low-side operations that help with overlap protection. Hence, if the VIA and VIB are driven high simultaneously, the board forces VOA and VOB to a low state, protecting the internal from damage. It’s a feature update from SI823H9 evaluation boards which feature two single-channel drivers with no overlap protection. 

Various test points for each device pin allow seamless connection to end system devices. It’s built for designers and engineering professionals in the power electronics industry, helping design smoother and more robust power management systems for high-power applications. High integration and cost-effective design make it an affordable solution for industry-grade applications.


Skyworks User Guide [Internet]


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