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Seeed Studio XIAO Series Development Board

A series of development boards with versatile microcontrollers and peripherals for development and testing applications.


Product TypeDevelopment Board
Operating Voltage3.3
InterfaceUART, SPI, I2C, Analog and Digital
Applications3D Printers, Mechanical Keyboards, Smart home devices, IoT Devices, Environment Monitoring
ComplianceTARIC, EAR99, USHTS


The XIAO series features a versatile range of microcontrollers, IO interfaces, and peripherals, allowing developers to test and fabricate microcontroller-based applications. With a wide range of board sizes and test cases, the XIAO series allows developers to use pre-integrated platforms for various applications like IoT, 3D printers, mechanical keyboards, trackers, healthcare tools, detection tools, and wearable devices.

A Building Block for More Complex Computing Systems

Seeed Studio XIAO series products provide an excellent option for developers to construct Arduino-compatible system. With a miniature form factor of just 21mm x 17.5mm, the XIAO boards work as powerful computing blocks that can further integrate with external systems. The compact size makes them ideal for space-constrained applications like wearable devices, IoT, and security systems.  

The boards feature a single-sided SMD design, allowing them to integrate with other XIAO modules easily. Therefore, developers can design entire systems based on an ecosystem of XIAO devices and modules. 

As a complete computing unit, XIAO series dev boards can reduce the system complexity for testing and implementation of projects. 

Comprehensive Development Kit for Seamless Testing and Applications

The Seeed XIAO Series starter kit provides additional peripherals and modules, including an LED pack, expansion boards, sensors, and connection cables. 

So, developers can create and test applications from an already existing library, just like an Arduino-based system. Moreover, the development environment allows developers to acquire more practical and hands-on experience with the dev board, enabling rapid prototyping, especially for more advanced electronic systems. 

Additional accessories include Seeed Studio round LCD with a 240 x 240 resolution that connects to the dev board via a USB interface. There is a 2.4 GHz rod antenna for advanced communication and an acrylic case for protection. 

Wide Range of Boards for Tailored Applications

The list of processors featuring in Seeed Studio XIAO Dev boards includes:

  • SAMD21

  • RP2040

  • nRF52840

  • ESP32-S3

  • ESP32-C3

Additional options include Bluetooth, built-in sensors, Wi-Fi, and flash memory. All boards run on Arduino programming languages, while some of them also work with CircuitPython and MicroPython. 

The Seeed Series development boards can redefine Arduino development, especially for wearable and miniature projects and applications.


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