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InMoov Explorer 3D Printable Robot Powered by Augmented Reality

A 3D printable robot integrated with AR technology for virtual tours of the London Zoo


Project TypeOpen source
Mounting Platform3D Printed Segway-like mover
ControllerOculus Rift, Gaming Controller


InMoov Explorer Combines State-of-the-Art Technologies and Components

InMoov Explorer is a built-for-purpose robot that takes Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital patients on virtual visits. There are three main components of the robot explorer:

InMoov Robot

The main component, the InMoov Robot, is a life-size robot that features two moveable cameras and two loudspeakers on an independent movement head, 5DOF arms, 16 DOF hands, and independently motorized fingers with sensors. 

It is an Arduino-powered humanoid robot that can work independently by mimicking and learning human actions. Backed by AI technology, InMoov Robot can lift and manipulate objects, thanks to the built-in cameras and finger sensors. 

With the help of its sensors, InMoov Explorer can navigate on its own, giving children patients many reasons to smile and forget their pains.

Open Wheels

The robot is mounted on Open Wheels, a Segway-like mover created by Boris Landoni. It is a two-wheeled self-balancing personal transporter to cover small distances. It is also an open-source design that can be 3D-printed and assembled by anyone.

Oculus Rift

The robot is wirelessly connected to Oculus Rift, taking the viewer for virtual visits. The headgear has been quite popular among gamers as it takes the wearer inside the artificially created world.

InMoov Robot is wirelessly connected to the headgear, while the user can control the robot with a joystick controller. 

Versatile Applications with Augmented Reality

As an AR-powered robot, InMoov explorer provides a wide range of applications, particularly in creating more awareness about modern robotics and providing hands-on learning experiences to kids.

Attraction for Children

The concept of InMoov Explorer is likely to evolve as more and more people join it. With children taking part in assembling the robot kit and learning about modern technology, this project offers more than just a fun-filled activity. 

Learning and Caring

The InMoov Explorer robots created by school kids will be donated to GOSH, London. Not only will it help young patients to visualize the world from hospital beds, but it’ll also instill the concept of help and care among volunteers and contributors. 

Moreover, the InMoov Robot offers many opportunities for everyone to create a life-size robot with all the necessary wiring, bolts, and sensors. Along with the basic robotics concepts, they will learn about technologies like voice recognition, AI-powered object detection, obstacle avoidance, servos, and microcontrollers. 

Young tech enthusiasts can learn to control the two-wheeled personal transporter and are more likely to introduce customized designs. Similarly, they can optimize the use of the VR headgear. They can give more ideas for using the VR headgear in the real world. 

Future Possibilities

This project attracts children as they can learn to assemble the robot independently and familiarize themselves with the latest technology. 

As the project is open-source, it is likely to evolve as more people customize its features. They can share their modified designs, contributing to the project’s improvement.



3D PrintingAugmented Reality (AR)roboticsvirtual reality (VR)

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