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Ezurio Sub-GHz FlexDIPOLE Antennas

Compact flexible antennas for robust performance in sub-GHz frequency bands


Product TypeISM Antennas
Antenna TypeFlexible Planar Dipole Antenna
Operating Frequency863 to 928 MHz
Operating Range-40 to +85 degrees Celsius
ApplicationsIndustrial Automation, SCADA, Agriculture, LoRaWAN Networks, proprietary sub-GHz technologies


The antennas offer a unique, flat, and compact footprint to enhance their application cases for wide-ranging situations in various commercial and industrial sectors. These antennas work on the principle of linear polarization and tackle various challenges associated with other forms of antennas. With a robust performance portfolio Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) FlexDIPOLE antennas can be a suitable replacement for conventional antennas in typical wireless applications like SCADA systems, LoRaWAN networks, remote agriculture applications, and Industrial Automation.

Robust Performance Parameters for Consistent Results in Harsh Environments

Connectivity is a typical challenge in remote applications. The Ezurio Sub-GHz antennas can tackle these challenges with specialized performance parameters, making them an essential tool for the concerned frequency range. The dipole antenna offers reliable performance across frequency spectrums ranging from 863 to 928 MHz, featuring peak gain from +1.9 to +2.4 dBi. 

The antennas offer a 50 Ohm impedance with an average efficiency greater than -1.4 dB. These are flexible planar dipole antennas that can be easily mounted on any non-conductive flat or semi-curved surfaces. Moreover, they are compatible with surfaces having varying thicknesses, making them suited for various industrial applications. 

With adhesive backing, the antennas can quickly mount on any surface without needing any expert help. With a compact design, the antennas can seamlessly integrate with node devices such as sensors, routers and microcontrollers. 

The antenna material is RoHS compliant and can withstand an operating temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius, making it a viable option in almost any industrial setup. 

Flexible Connector Options for Different Applications

The dipole antenna features a couple two connector options: i.e.

  • EFH8631A3S-10MHF1 - max height of 2.5 mm

  • EFH8631A3S-10MHF4L - max height of 1.4 mm

Both configurations feature a maximum cable length of 100 mm and are perfectly tuned for sub-GHz frequency operations. As the antennas conveniently adhere to any surface, their applications are quite vast, such as:

  • Smart City Infrastructures - Operating at the sub-GHz range, the antennas can integrate with buildings and penetrate through walls, enhancing the communication range. The applications include smart metering, remote data monitoring, traffic management, parking sensors, etc.

  • Industrial Automation - With a robust design, the antennas can withstand harsh environments to assist in remote data acquisition. The use cases include health monitoring, HVAC and lighting controls, industrial machines and control systems. Moreover, it has applications in machine-to-machine M2M communication systems. 

  • Agriculture Sector - The long communication range ensures data reception from far-off and remote locations enabling accelerated operations in the agriculture sector, stocking, warehouses, goods and material tracking, etc. It also supports logistic operations such as shipment tracking.


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