SKYRON: Revolutionizing Ship Inspections with Dual Testing Efficiency

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Robotic Ship Inspections

Robotic Ship Inspections

Witness how SKYRON's advanced tech and rapid testing capabilities revolutionize ship inspections, ensuring thorough assessments in record time for ships returning to operations.

SKYRON is revolutionizing ship inspections by seamlessly conducting ultrasonic and visual testing in a single day, leveraging its advanced capabilities and efficient payload exchange system. This streamlined approach ensures thorough inspections within expedited timelines, which is crucial for ships needing to return to operations swiftly  

In the video above, SKYRON showcased its ability to navigate through a ship's cargo hold, conducting both ultrasonic thickness measurements and high-definition visual inspections with unparalleled speed and precision. The urgency to complete inspections before a ship's departure underscores the importance of swift yet thorough assessments, a challenge SKYRON meets effortlessly. 

Equipped with a precision-oriented SONY A7 camera featuring 3x optical zoom, adjustable LED lighting, and a laser pointer for pinpoint accuracy, SKYRON captured detailed visuals of critical areas prone to corrosion. Additionally, the integration of an Olympus 38DL Plus gauge and a robotic arm for ultrasonic readings guaranteed precise measurements within expedited timelines. 

The streamlined operations facilitated by SKYRON's proprietary Avesoft software allowed for real-time data processing and location tagging, providing immediate insights and ensuring that inspections are completed efficiently. This combination of advanced technology and expedited operations ensures that ship inspections are thorough, accurate, and aligned with the industry's demand for prompt assessments without compromising on quality. 

With SKYRON's ability to perform dual ultrasonic and visual testing within expedited timelines, the maritime industry can rely on efficient inspections that enable ships to return to operations swiftly and safely.