Protolabs' One-stop Guide to Digital Manufacturing

22 Nov, 2021

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Protolabs' One-stop Guide to Digital Manufacturing

Accelerate development and reduce production costs to create agility throughout your product life cycle

What is Digital Manufacturing?

It’s the complete digital integration of automation and advanced technology throughout the manufacturing process – from the moment you upload a 3D CAD model to when we ship your physical parts out the door.

Digital manufacturing is also much more than just 3D printing. It’s technology agnostic, including everything from additive (3D printing) to subtractive (machining) to formative (injection moulding) manufacturing, and any other fabrication processes that are enabled by software.

But really, it’s accelerated turnaround times, cost savings, risk reduction, unlimited capacity, parts on demand, when you need them.

This is digital manufacturing.


Want to learn more? Protolabs’ comprehensive digital manufacturing guide further explores how to utilise digital manufacturing, 15 design tips to reduce manufacturing costs, how to select the right digital manufacturing process for your project and a comparison of manufacturing processes. Download the guide here.