How to forward telemetry data to HTTP endpoint?

25 Jan, 2024

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How to forward telemetry data to HTTP endpoint?

If you have ever found yourself facing challenges when it comes to forwarding data to an HTTP endpoint, you're in the right place.

In this video, you will learn how to easily forward your data by using the Coiote IoT Device Management Platform. 

Grab a board with Anjay IoT SDK, Anjay Zephyr Client, or any LwM2M Client to get started. 

You can find the list here:

Our tutorial will guide you through the Data Integration Center: 
Device Integration Center

Connect your IoT devices with Anjay LwM2M Client:

Coiote IoT Device Management - free registration:
Test it out yourself by registering for a free Developer account Coiote IoT DM user account.

More information: Devzone

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