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Extending Robotics Capabilities in Space with Photoneo's MotionCam-3D Color

09 Jul, 2024

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Extending Robotics Capabilities in Space with Photoneo's MotionCam-3D Color

Extending Robotics Capabilities in Space with Photoneo's MotionCam-3D Color

Extend Robotics leveraged Photoneo’s MotionCam-3D Color for its exceptional 3D vision technology, enabling precise remote operations in challenging environments like space. This innovative solution enhances robotic capabilities, allowing for high-resolution scans under extreme conditions.

The utilization of advanced 3D vision technology is critical in pushing the boundaries of robotic capabilities, especially in challenging environments such as space. Extend Robotics, dedicated to making robotic operations more accessible through extended reality technology, embarked on a comparative evaluation of 3D vision solutions to enhance their robotic interface software. This comprehensive test aimed to identify the most suitable 3D camera for demanding applications, including those required in extra-terrestrial conditions.



Extend Robotics



Extend Robotics aims to address the global skill mismatch caused by automation by making robotic arm programming more accessible. Their mission is to enable non-robotic experts to operate robots remotely using extended reality technology (MR/VR/AR). In their latest exploration project, they sought to demonstrate their technology’s capability to remove and replace satellite modules in a 27U CubeSat at the Catapult test facility for In-Orbit Service and Manufacturing. This project was part of their incubation with the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC UK).

To achieve their goals, Extend Robotics needed a 3D vision solution that could handle extreme and challenging environments, including those found in space. They conducted a comparative test between three different 3D cameras to select the optimal hardware for these demanding applications.



MotionCam-3D Color

Extend Robotics conducted extensive testing to evaluate the performance of Photoneo’s MotionCam-3D Color against other 3D cameras. The MotionCam-3D Color was tested under extreme light conditions, including a 5,000 watt light simulating the brightness of the sun in space. The camera’s ability to deliver high-resolution 3D scans in both extremely bright and pitch black conditions set it apart from its competitors.

The MotionCam-3D Color utilizes Photoneo’s advanced Parallel Structured Light technology, which ensures unparalleled accuracy regardless of environmental light levels. This capability is crucial for space applications where lighting conditions can vary dramatically.

By leveraging the MotionCam-3D Color, Extend Robotics can create precise and accurate 3D models necessary for their remote robotic operations. The model is projected in the virtual headset of the operator who can interact with it. This solution not only enhances the safety and efficiency of their technology but also enables the execution of physical tasks remotely, overcoming geographical limitations.


The integration of Photoneo’s MotionCam-3D Color into Extend Robotics’ system marks a significant advancement in remote robotic operations. The high-precision 3D vision capabilities of the MotionCam-3D Color allow for detailed scanning and modeling, which are essential for complex tasks such as satellite servicing.

This collaboration highlights the importance of selecting the right 3D vision technology for demanding applications. Photoneo’s MotionCam-3D Color has proven to be the optimal solution for Extend Robotics, enabling them to push the boundaries of what’s possible in automation and robotics.

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