Desktop Swiss CNC Lathes vs. Industrial Size Swiss Machines

02 Nov, 2023

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The choice between the APSX-NANO desktop Swiss CNC lathe and Nomura Swiss machines will depend on your specific needs and requirements, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The choice between the APSX-NANO desktop Swiss CNC lathe and Nomura Swiss machines will depend on your specific needs and requirements, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some advantages of using the APSX-NANO desktop Swiss CNC lathe over Nomura Swiss machines:

Cost: APSX-NANO is way more cost-effective than Nomura Swiss machines, making it a more accessible option for small businesses or hobbyists who have budget constraints.

Compact Size: The APSX-NANO is a desktop CNC lathe, which means it takes up less space and can be used in smaller workshops or labs. Nomura Swiss machines tend to be larger and require more floor space.

Ease of Use: APSX-NANO is designed to be user-friendly, with simple software and setup, making it suitable for those with less experience in CNC machining. Nomura machines may have a steeper learning curve.

Portability: The compact size and lower weight of the APSX-NANO make it more portable, allowing you to move it to different locations if needed. Nomura Swiss machines are typically stationary.

Industry Level Precision: APSX-NANO offers a high-level precision at or less than 0.0005”

Clean Room Operation: If you need uncontaminated parts for example biomedical, APSX-NANO can run the part by NOT USING any coolant. Examples, are Teflon, peek, brass, human tissue etc.


However, it's important to note that Nomura Swiss machines also have their advantages, including:

Precision and Performance: Nomura Swiss machines are known for their high precision and excellent performance, making them ideal for applications that require extremely tight tolerances.

Versatility: Nomura Swiss machines can handle a wider range of materials and more complex machining tasks, making them suitable for a broader range of applications.

Production Volume: If you need to produce parts in larger quantities, Nomura machines may be more efficient due to their higher production capabilities.

Ultimately, your choice between the APSX-NANO and Nomura Swiss machines should be based on your specific needs, budget, available space, and the complexity of your machining projects. Consider factors like precision, durability, production volume, and the level of expertise you have in CNC machining when making your decision.


Let's delve deeper into the advantages of the APSX-NANO desktop Swiss CNC lathe:

Cost-Effective: The APSX-NANO is a cost-effective option, making it accessible to small businesses, startups, educational institutions, and hobbyists. The initial investment is typically lower than that of industrial-grade CNC machines, such as Nomura Swiss machines.

Compact Size: One of the most prominent advantages of the APSX-NANO is its compact size. Its desktop form factor means it takes up minimal space in your workshop or lab. This can be especially beneficial if you have limited floor space and need to optimize your workspace.

User-Friendly: The APSX-NANO is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive software and setup procedures. It's well-suited for individuals or small teams who may have limited experience with CNC machining. The learning curve is generally less steep compared to larger, more complex machines.

Portability: Due to its compact size and relatively low weight, the APSX-NANO is more portable than larger CNC machines. This means you can easily move it to different locations, which can be useful if you need to take your machining capabilities to various sites or offer on-site services.

Prototyping and Small Batch Production: The APSX-NANO is well-suited for prototyping and small-batch production runs. It's an ideal choice for rapid prototyping and producing limited quantities of precision parts without the need for high-volume production.

Educational Tool: The affordability and ease of use make the APSX-NANO a valuable educational tool for teaching CNC machining principles, making it suitable for vocational training programs and educational institutions.

Low Operating Costs: This desktop CNC lathe typically has lower operating costs than larger industrial machines. It can be more energy-efficient and require less maintenance.

Versatile for Small Parts: While it may not have the same level of versatility as larger CNC machines, the APSX-NANO is still capable of machining a wide range of materials and producing intricate small parts with precision.

Support and Community: APSX Machinery, the manufacturer of the APSX-NANO, often provides support and resources for their customers, which can be helpful for those who are new to CNC machining.


In summary, the APSX-NANO offers affordability, compactness, ease of use, customization, and portability, making it a suitable choice for small-scale machining projects, prototyping, and educational purposes. Its advantages lie in its accessibility, adaptability, and user-friendly nature, making it a practical option for those with limited space and budget constraints.