Baud Rates: The most common Baud Rates

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20 Sep, 2021

Baud Rates: The most common Baud Rates

The following table shows the most commonly used baud rates. The left portion of the table displays the speed and bit duration. The right part fo the table shows the actual transmission speed. It assumes no parity and 8 data bits and one stop bit.

Transmission Speed
Real Transmission Speed
Bit duration

Actual speed
Actual byte duration
50 bauds50 bits/s20.000 ms6.25 bytes/s
5 bytes/s200.000 ms
75 bauds75 bits/s13.333 ms9.375 bytes/s
7.5 bytes/s133.333 ms
110 bauds110 bits/s9.091 ms13.75 bytes/s
11 bytes/s90.909 ms
134 bauds134 bits/s7.463 ms16.75 bytes/s
13.4 bytes/s74.627 ms
150 bauds150 bits/s6.667 ms18.75 bytes/s
15 bytes/s66.667 ms
200 bauds200 bits/s5.000 ms25 bytes/s
20 bytes/s50.000 ms
300 bauds300 bits/s3.333 ms37.5 bytes/s
30 bytes/s33.333 ms
600 bauds600 bits/s1.667 ms75 bytes/s
60 bytes/s16.667 ms
1200 bauds1200 bits/s833.333 µs150 bytes/s
120 bytes/s8.333 ms
1800 bauds1800 bits/s555.556 µs225 bytes/s
180 bytes/s5.556 ms
2400 bauds2400 bits/s416.667 µs300 bytes/s
240 bytes/s4.167 ms
4800 bauds4800 bits/s208.333 µs600 bytes/s
480 bytes/s2.083 ms
9600 bauds9600 bits/s104.167 µs1200 bytes/s
960 bytes/s1.042 ms
19200 bauds19200 bits/s52.083 µs2400 bytes/s
1920 bytes/s520.833 µs
28800 bauds28800 bits/s34.722 µs3600 bytes/s
2880 bytes/s347.222 µs
38400 bauds38400 bits/s26.042 µs4800 bytes/s
3840 bytes/s260.417 µs
57600 bauds57600 bits/s17.361 µs7200 bytes/s
5760 bytes/s173.611 µs
76800 bauds76800 bits/s13.021 µs9600 bytes/s
7680 bytes/s130.208 µs
115200 bauds115200 bits/s8.681 µs14400 bytes/s
11520 bytes/s86.806 µs
230400 bauds230400 bits/s4.340 µs28800 bytes/s
23040 bytes/s43.403 µs
460800 bauds460800 bits/s2.170 µs57600 bytes/s
46080 bytes/s21.701 µs
576000 bauds576000 bits/s1.736 µs72000 bytes/s
57600 bytes/s17.361 µs
921600 bauds921600 bits/s1.085 µs155200 bytes/s
92160 bytes/s10.851 µs

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