Advancing Ultrasonic Inspections

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Advancing Ultrasonic Inspections

Achieving precision is a must in ultrasonic inspections, but it's not always straightforward

Achieving precision is a must in ultrasonic inspections, but it's not always straightforward due to some challenges like interference and noise. These issues can arise from various sources, including surface rust and environmental dust. To address these challenges, there's an exciting development on the horizon: the introduction of ultrasonic testing (UT) UAVs, often referred to as UT drones or UT flying robots. These innovative robots come equipped with state-of-the-art technology and, importantly, enhance safety by eliminating the need for human inspectors to enter high-risk areas. What's more, they have the capability to reach elevated inspection sites, effectively reducing the risks associated with working at heights while ensuring highly accurate results. 

One of the standout players in this field is SKYRON, the intelligent tethered flying robot equipped with a customized 38DL PLUS ultrasonic thickness gauge from Olympus. This technology not only enhances the safety of inspections but also elevates precision. The 38DL PLUS gauge is designed to tackle challenging conditions, whether that involves a rusty surface, a dusty environment, high temperatures, or access to difficult spaces. SKYRON can conduct meticulous inspections even in challenging locations. 


Moreover, what sets SKYRON apart is its ingenious built-in brush system, integrated into its rotary arm. This system is engineered to smooth rough surfaces and remove debris before an inspection, ensuring clean and accurate readings. It's a critical feature that ensures the reliability of the collected data. Furthermore, there's no need to interrupt the inspection process to change the brush head since it's seamlessly integrated into SKYRON's rotary arm. Additionally, before each inspection, SKYRON applies couplant gel, further streamlining the process. 

SKYRON brings even more improvements to the table. It boasts a continuous power supply, allowing it to fly for an unlimited duration, which is particularly advantageous for projects where relying on batteries would be inconvenient. The constant power supply also enables a higher payload capacity, facilitating the integration of various sensors, including advanced NDT, DFT, PAUT, and an array of robotic features. 

SKYRON is not just a UAV; it's a versatile platform that can seamlessly incorporate various sensors and features. It ensures safe and secure operations, minimizing the risk of unexpected issues during flights. Moreover, it guarantees accurate contact-based inspections of critical structures. SKYRON can fly, attach and measure multiple assets, capturing precise thickness measurements and conducting corrosion checks. What truly sets it apart is its adaptability, making it highly effective in challenging environments, and demanding conditions where maintaining a clear line of sight can be a challenge. In summary, SKYRON stands as a valuable tool for addressing a variety of inspection challenges and spearheading a new era of ultrasonic precision. 

In conclusion, SKYRON, equipped with its remarkable 38DL PLUS ultrasonic thickness gauge and ingenious built-in brush system, embodies the future of ultrasonic inspections. The seamless integration of these advanced features not only enhances the safety of inspections but also ensures the highest level of precision, regardless of the conditions. SKYRON doesn't just prepares a new era of ultrasonic precision; it serves as a shining example of what's possible when technology and innovation join forces. With its adaptability and versatility, it is ready to tackle a wide array of inspection challenges and help to redefine the standards of excellence in the field. As the skies open up to these remarkable flying robots.