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Rapid prototyping platform for Infineon XENSIV ™ PASCO2 Sensor use cases.

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Device FamilySensor
Onboard SensorsPAS CO2 and DPS368 Barometric Pressure Sensor
Board Size22.5mm x 63mm x 30mm
CompatibilityAdafruit feather-compatible
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
ComplianceROHS Compliant
ApplicationsAir Quality Monitoring, Smart Speakers, HVAC, Smart homes and buildings.


The XENSIV™ KIT PASCO2 is a rapid development platform designed for testing and deploying the use cases involving the PASCO2 sensor from Infineon. The board provides a viable environment for real-time evaluation of PASCO2 sensors for custom solutions related to presence detection and air quality monitoring. It provides acquisition, computing, communication, and security features for real-time testing and data visualization of PAS CO2 sensors. Its compact size and interchangeable sensor wing design can help developers optimize their IoT solutions for portable applications like microphones and other smart appliances.

Versatile Deployment Kit for IoT Applications

The XENSIV™ KIT PASCO2 is an enabler board for deploying rapid development of Infineon products. Its compact design can run on a battery supply, making it a suitable option for portable devices and applications. 

The board features Bluetooth connectivity to integrate with external modules and devices seamlessly. Its Adafruit feather-compatible making sure it is compatible to work with a wide range of battery-powered IoT devices. 

The kit can seamlessly integrate with the Modus Toolbox™ software ecosystem for data acquisition and visualization. Moreover, it allows developers to run ready-to-use test cases and codes for developing customized air-quality monitoring and presence detection systems. Also, the board features an enabler for multi-sensor data fusion to help developers extract more meaningful information from the received data. 

Support for Sensor-Driven IoT Product Testing

The XENSIV™ KIT CSK PASCO2 is a suitable option for testing IoT products based on sensor data acquisition. It has optimal support for CO2 use cases as it provides real-time sensor data that might be critical for applications such as air quality detection and monitoring. 

Thanks to a robust support system, the PAS CO2 KIT can be used in custom configurations to visualize the sensor data for prompt action. Since it's designed to work with the XENSIV PAS CO2 sensors, the board features a dedicated sensor wing to monitor various aspects of air quality that can be critical for human health. So, it can sense and trigger actions in the case of:

  • Poor ventilation in homes or factories

  • Carbon dioxide build-up

In addition to the PAS CO2 sensor, the board also features the XENSIV™ DPS 368 barometric pressure sensor. It's a highly sensitive pressure sensor that detects minor pressure changes. It can detect events like opening and closing doors and windows, fall detection, etc. 

The KIT CSK PAS CO2 can more accurately detect events such as low Ventilation and the build-up of harmful gases thanks to air quality monitoring and pressure detection capabilities. Moreover, it's a useful option for developers to test more complex cases to build robust custom solutions for home and industrial applications. 

The KIT CSK PAS CO2 development board is suited for smart home appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and HVAC systems. It's also suited for portable electronic devices like smart speakers, air purifiers, and air quality monitoring devices.


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