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XENSIV™ KIT CSK BGT60TR13C Prototyping Platform

Rapid prototyping platform for use cases based on Infineon’s XENSIV™ 60GHz radar sensor

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Device FamilySensors
On board sensorsPSoC™ 6 microcontroller
Board Size22.5mm x 63mm x 30mm
CompatibilityAdafruit Feather-compatible
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0 and WiFi
ApplicationsPresence Detection, Entrance Counters, Fall Detection, Advanced presence Detection for Smart homes and buildings.


XENSIV™ KIT CSK BGT60TR13C is a rapid development platform for IoT devices. The board provides a compact option for developers to support use cases of the Infineon XENSIV™ 60GHz radar sensor and the DPS368 pressure sensor. It’s Adafruit feather-compatible and solves the major problems related to sensing, computing, and connecting to the cloud while ensuring complete network security. The ModusToolBox™ software system becomes an all-in-one solution for IoT sensor prototyping. The intelligent development kit is ideal for developing creative solutions for smart homes, innovative building applications, retail systems, and intelligent appliances.

Compact Kit with Dedicated Software Ecosystem

The prototyping board features an onboard dual-core PSoC™ 6-2M microcontroller for processing real-time data from the dual sensors on the board. 

The board is supported by the Modus Toolbox™, which provides a robust software ecosystem. It makes it easier for developers to deploy ready-made examples from the Modus Toolbox™ for IoT device presence and entrance detection. The built-in code examples include 

  • Presence Detection

  • Entrance Counter

There is Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity is available for the device to connect with the external modules without wired support. The development board provides secure and instant cloud connectivity thanks to OPTIGA ™ Trust M. Secure kit provisioning. Hence, developers can securely deploy sensor data to cloud services through the onboarding and management tool. 

The board features a minimalistic size. Moreover, it features interchangeable wings to accommodate different sensor modules. Thanks to its small form factor, it’s easier to deploy 

Since it’s low-powered and battery-operable, it’s a handy option for portable applications and deployment needs. Thanks to intelligent and instant connectivity, the board is suited for battery-powered IoT sensors and conducting field demonstrations for IoT devices. 

Onboarding Sensors from Infineon For Smart Data Acquisition

The XENSIV™ KIT CSK BGT60TR13C provides the essential sensor prototyping elements in a unified development board. There are a couple of pre-installed sensor modules, i.e., 

  1. XENSIV™ DPS368 digital barometric pressure sensor.

  2. XENSIV™ BGT60TR13C radar sensor

The digital parametric pressure sensor provides high-precision pressure values, allowing the users to incorporate minor changes in barometric pressure.

The BGT60TR13C MMIC is a 60GHz radar sensor with integrated antennas and comes with one transmitting and three receiving antennas. Thanks to the L-shaped antenna array, horizontal and as well as vertical angular measurement can be ensured.

BGT60TR13C enables human presence detection, tracking, and segmentation while providing extremely high accuracy in detecting micro & macro motions. Applications like HVAC or AirCons can reliably detect if somebody is in the room and can be turned off If this is not the case.

Both sensors independently relay the real-time data to the microcontroller through a digital interface. The board can operate more complex operations involving pressure changes and event detections thanks to the independent acquisition. 

Moreover, the board is Adafruit feather compatible, which makes prototyping simpler and faster. Therefore, it provides smart deployment options for smart homes and smart building applications.


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