Clinton Emerhana


Enugu, Nigeria


Computer Scientist


Clinton is a Hardware Design Engineer and a recipient of multiple writing awards. He previously served as a Lead Electronics Engineer at Arone Delivery and currently holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Mijolnia, where he oversees the development of the Power Wall to power Africa. Clinton is a collaborative, detail-oriented, and user-focused technical writer passionate about communicating science and technology. He writes technical articles to improve product quality and customer engagement in innovative projects. His skill set includes understanding company requirements and delivering sharp and fast results.

Latest Posts

Single-Board Computers (SBCs) are an ideal computing solution for casino gambling machines. SBCs are compact, energy-efficient, and versatile computing devices that integrate a computer's necessary components onto a single circuit board doing away with the complexity and reliability concerns of traditional computing equipment. With SBCs, gaming designers can build new types of slot machines that handle everything from game logic and graphics to player accounts and payouts.

Single Board Computer applications in casino gaming machines