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u-blox MIA-M10 Standard Precision GNSS Modules

Low power consumption module offering exceptional sensitivity and acquisition times for all L1 GNSS systems.


Product CategoryGNSS / GPS Modules
Interface TypeI2C, UART
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Power ConsumptionLess than 25 mW
Operating Supply Voltage1.76 V - 3.6 V
Operating Temperature-40 °C to 85 °C
ApplicationsSmartwatches, Pet Trackers, Asset Trackers, Vehicle Trackers, Personal Navigation Devices, Wi-Fi 6E Access Points


The u-blox MIA-M10 is a standard precision GNSS module that offers increased sensitivity and acquisition times for all L1 GNSS systems. It provides negligible power consumption of less than 25 mW in continuous tracking mode, making it ideal for battery-operated devices. The MIA-M10 supports concurrent reception of four GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou), which maximizes position availability even in challenging conditions. It also features Super-S technology for enhanced RF sensitivity and jamming detection. The MIA-M10 is available in two variants: the MIA-M10Q, which integrates an LNA followed by a SAW filter in the RF path for maximum sensitivity in passive antenna designs, and the MIA-M10C, which provides flexibility for active antenna designs. These modules are particularly suited for IoT devices, wearables, and asset-tracking solutions, where size, power efficiency, and dependable location tracking are paramount.

u-blox MIA-M10 GNSS Modules Features  

Enhanced Sensitivity and Fast Acquisition

The u-blox MIA-M10 GNSS Modules excel in sensitivity and acquisition times across all L1 GNSS systems. This capability ensures rapid and precise positioning, crucial for real-time applications.

Concurrent Multi-GNSS Support

Supporting concurrent reception of four GNSS systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou), the MIA-M10 maximizes position availability. This feature is particularly beneficial in challenging environments such as urban canyons, where signal quality is critical.

Superior RF Sensitivity with Super-S Technology

The integration of u-blox’s Super-S technology in the MIA-M10 enhances RF sensitivity. This technology significantly improves dynamic position accuracy, especially with small antennas or in non-line-of-sight scenarios.

Security and Interference Mitigation

The MIA-M10 can detect jamming and spoofing attempts, alerting the system for necessary reactions. Advanced filtering algorithms reduce the impact of RF interference and jamming, ensuring reliable operation in various conditions.

Power Efficiency and Connectivity

With its optimized power-saving modes, the module effectively doubles the device's battery life, maintaining reliable GNSS performance. Additionally, the 53-pin S-LGA interface facilitates secure and stable connections.

Versatile Module Design

The MIA-M10Q version includes an LNA and a SAW filter for passive antenna designs, maximizing sensitivity. In contrast, the MIA-M10C offers flexibility for active antenna designs, excluding an LNA or SAW filter. The module's small 4.5mm x 4.5mm System-in-Package design requires only 20mm2 of board space, eliminating the need for external components. This compactness aids in space-efficient design implementations.

Setting Up the MIA-M10 GNSS Module

To set up the MIA-M10, follow these steps:

1. Connect the GPS antenna: Connect the GPS antenna to the MIA-M10 according to the pinout diagram.

2. Connect the host controller: Connect the host controller to the MIA-M10 according to the pinout diagram.

3. Install the SDK: Download and install the u-blox SDK on your computer.

4. Write an application: Write an application that communicates with the MIA-M10 to receive GNSS data.

5. Program the host controller: Program the host controller with the application you wrote.

6. Testing the MIA-M10: Once you have set up the MIA-M10, you can test it by running the application you wrote. The application should print out the GNSS data that the MIA-M10 is receiving.


The u-blox MIA-M10 is best used for applications including smartwatches, pet trackers, asset trackers, vehicle trackers, personal navigation devices, and Wi-Fi 6E access points. With its low power consumption and small form factor, the MIA-M10 is a leading choice for standard precision GNSS applications.


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