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Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk

A comprehensive development kit for developing Amazon Sidewalk devices.


Product TypeRF Development Tools
Antenna915 MHz
ConnectivityUSB, Ethernet
COM PortVirtual COM Port
Advanced FeaturesAdvanced Energy Monitor, External Device Debugging
ApplicationsIoT devices, Amazon Sidewalk devices


The Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk is a development kit that provides the essential tools to develop and test Amazon Sidewalk devices. It’s a comprehensive kit that includes communication modules for Bluetooth, FSK, and CSS protocols, an on-board debugger, support for external hardware expansion, etc. The kit makes it easy to develop and test high-volume, scalable Amazon Sidewalk devices. It is a valuable resource for developers working on Amazon Sidewalk projects.

Extensive Modules for Versatile Applications with Amazon Sidewalk Devices

The Silicon Labs Pro Kit features an extensive set of modules and hardware devices to allow developers to design, develop, and test applications based on IoT and Bluetooth connectivity instantly. 

The kit features a KG100S radio board that allows it to connect to Amazon devices via Bluetooth, FSK, and CSS protocols. It also features an FSK/CSS adapter board for customers who want a discrete design. 

Moreover, there is a BG24 radio board specific for Bluetooth-only applications. It provides a low-power, high-performance wireless communication solution for IoT applications. Since it supports the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol, it’s a popular choice for IoT applications due to its low power consumption and long range.

Additionally, the board features a virtual COM port that helps connect the board to external devices and modules for application development and debugging. It can, therefore, debug Amazon Sidewalk devices and help test them. 

The board also contains the Packet Trace Interface (PTI) that allows it to manage the network by:

  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues by analyzing network traffic and identifying performance bottlenecks.

  • Debugging application-level issues by providing visibility into the data being exchanged between the device and the Amazon Sidewalk network.

  • Optimizing performance of Amazon Sidewalk devices by identifying areas where data is being dropped or excessive latency.

  • Analyzing the security of Amazon Sidewalk devices by identifying potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

Efficient Hardware Design with Smart Monitoring for Energy-Efficient Applications

The Silicon Labs Pro Kit is pre-programmed to integrate with Amazon Sidewalk firmware and works with pre-registered AWS devices. It features basic IO devices like buttons and LEDs. It allows for connecting additional hardware through a 20-pin EXP header. 

Moreover, there is connectivity support with USB and Ethernet-based modules. It also features a low-power 128 x 128 pixel memory LCD TFT display. To facilitate low-power and energy-efficient applications, the board incorporates Advanced Energy Monitor. This module tracks the real-time energy consumption of the connected Amazon Sidewalk devices. It allows developers to identify potential power losses and inefficiencies in the system. The monitor also supports historical data logging to help understand consumption trends and the effectiveness of power-saving mechanisms. Also, developers can set energy consumption alerts that is specifically helpful in the industrial sector to maintain cost-efficiency. 

There is also an on-board J-link debugger embedded in the Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk devices. It helps developers to debug and optimize their Amazon Sidewalk applications. Its real-time debugging capabilities, comprehensive tracing features, and user-friendly interface make it an essential part of the development process for Amazon Sidewalk devices.

The comprehensive kit and supporting hardware modules allow developers to develop IoT and sensor-based applications such as smart home devices, wearable devices, and industrial sensors.


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