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NXP Semiconductors S32K3X8EVB-Q289 Evaluation Board

Evaluation board for automotive and industrial applications.


ProductEvaluation Board
For Evaluation OfS32K3
MCU32-bit Arm Cortex-M7
InterfacesOn-board CAN FD, On-board LIN, SAI Audio, USB to UART
CompatibilityArduino pin-out compatible with expansion shield support
ApplicationsAutomotive Zone Controller, Battery Management System (BMS), Electric Pumps, Motor Drives, Robotic Appliance


NXP Semiconductors S32K3X8EVB-Q289 Evaluation Board is a development platform designed for prototyping automotive and industrial applications. It features the 32-bit Arm Cortex-M7 S32K3 microcontroller, offering functionalities like multicore processing, hardware security, and over-the-air updates.

The board is suited for low-power operations and boasts various connectivity options. One of its key advantages is the Arduino-compatible pin layout, enabling easy integration with various expansion boards for building customized prototypes. This simplifies the prototyping process for developers working on general-purpose industrial and automotive projects.

S32K3X8EVB-Q289 Evaluation Board Features  

Software Features

The S32K3X8EVB-Q289 offers a comprehensive software suite to support development for safety-critical applications. Developers can leverage free real-time drivers compliant with both AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) and non-AUTOSAR standards. These drivers can achieve up to ASIL D compliance, the highest safety integrity level in automotive functional safety.

For security, NXP provides free security firmware that adheres to SHE+ (Secure High-End) standards and is designed to meet ISO 21434 requirements. Additionally, the S32 Safety Software Framework (SAF) includes six fault detection and reaction libraries, Safety Peripheral Drivers (SPD), and a Structural Core Self-Test (SCST) library to enhance overall system safety.

For developers working on multicore or multi-operating system applications, the S32K3X8EVB-Q289 provides a free Inter-Platform Communication Framework (IPCF) middleware. This middleware simplifies communication between different cores and operating systems within a single chip or across multiple chips.

Development Tools

NXP offers a free model-based design toolbox for MATLAB. This toolbox includes an NXP-supplied plug-in for the Simulink environment, enabling developers to leverage model-based design techniques for efficient system development.

Hardware Interface

The S32K3X8EVB-Q289 is equipped with various hardware interfaces for user interaction and peripheral connections. The board features a power supply switch, MCU voltage/current measurement capabilities, user RGB LEDs, push buttons, and rotatory potentiometers for analog-to-digital conversion. Additionally, touch pad electrodes enable touch-based user input.

For connectivity, the board includes a USB connector, SD card slot, and a SABRE connector that provides an interface to an Ethernet network. This comprehensive set of hardware interfaces allows developers to create versatile prototypes for various automotive and industrial applications.

Getting Started with S32K3X8EVB-Q289 Evaluation Board  

Follow these steps to get started with the evaluation board:

1. Download and install S32 Design Studio IDE for the S32 Platform.

2. Install the S32K3xx Development Package and RTD.

3. For AUTOSAR Users - Download and Install Elektrobit Tresos Studio and Real-Time Drivers.

4. Get FreeMASTER Run-Time Debug Tool.

5. Set Up Jumpers in the S32K3X8EVB-Q289 Evaluation Board.

6. Connect the 12 V power supply adapter and switch SW10 to the ON position.

7. Connect a micro-USB cable to the J55 connector to debug via the on-board S32K3 debugger, or use one of the available JTAG connectors to debug via external S32K3 debugger.

8. Create an S32DS Project from one of the RTD example codes.

9. Generate Configuration, and Edit Code as per your requirements. 

10. Upload software and Debug


NXP Semiconductors S32K3X8EVB-Q289 Evaluation Board is best used in developing prototypes for both automotive and industrial applications. In the automotive sector, it tackles tasks like advanced exterior lighting systems, zone controllers, domain control, HVAC systems and battery management systems.  For electric vehicles, it can be used in traction inverters and other control units. 

Beyond automotive, the board is suitable for industrial motor drives and smart home appliances, even venturing into the world of robotic applications. This versatility makes the S32K3X8EVB-Q289 a valuable tool for engineers working on a wide range of cutting-edge projects.


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