project specification


Koala is a mid-size modular robot designed for real-world applications.

K team


processingEmbedded PicoITX mainboard running Linux on Dual C


Koala has the functionality necessary for use in practical applications (like navigation, mapping, artificial intelligence, ect.) and rides on 6 wheels for indoor or outdoor all-terrain operation. The Koala base robot can be programmed using the GNU C environment or remote controlled using the K-Team serial protocol.


Discusses the theoretical design and experimental analysis of a distributed motion control methodology for communicating swarms of robots. Also describes on-board vision systems within the robots, and their hardware makeup. Explains programming proccess and looks at simulations' results.

J. Esposito - IEEE, 2005

Describes the components of the robot in detail and includes various commands for user operation assistance.

J. Tharin, F. Lambercy and T. Carron

Presents the use of oder sensors on the robot and discusses experements utilizing this approach. Also combines odor and vison systems and tests the outcome.

D. Martinez and L. Perrinet - Workshop on Neuromorphic Engineering, 2002


Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs)modular robotics

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