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Infineon XENSIV™ Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit EVAL_XMC47_PREDMAIN_AA

The XENSIV™ Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit is an expertly crafted array of tools designed for optimizing maintenance in the HVAC and industrial drive sectors.

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Extension Board Dimensions140mm to 120mm
Satellite Boards Dimensions20mm to 10mm
Net weight175g
Extension Board weight150g
Satellite Boards weight25g
Power Requirements5 V
Connectivity OptionsOn-board Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connectivity, mikroBUS™ ClickBoard Interface for Extending Connectivity
Frequency0 MHz - 144 MHz


The XENSIV™ Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit is an array of tools designed to optimize maintenance in the HVAC and industrial drive sectors. It integrates high-precision XENSIV™ sensors - pressure, magnetic, current sensors, and a MEMS Microphone - that vigilantly gather machine health data. These sensors are integral in the early detection of system anomalies.

Central to the kit's capabilities is the XMC™ microcontroller XMC4700, which stands ready to process sensor data directly at the edge, providing immediate, actionable insights. Alternatively, data can be directly transmitted and analyzed in the cloud, enabling broader, more complex analysis and leveraging the power of advanced predictive analytics.

The OPTIGA™ TRUST M security solution elevates the XENSIV™ Predictive Maintenance Eval Kit by providing top-tier, hardware-based security, ensuring data integrity, facilitating regulatory compliance, and building customer trust in connected industrial environments.

Value proposition sensors 

Infineon's XENSIV™ sensors deliver precision and reliability for predictive maintenance with their expansive sensing range. Key features include:

  • Accuracy: Industry-leading precision for fault detection before failures.

  • Multi-Parameter Sensing: Versatile sensors for comprehensive equipment monitoring.

  • Durability and Efficiency: Robust design with low power consumption for harsh environments and continuous operation.

  • Seamless Integration & IoT Compatibility: Easy integration into systems with IoT connectivity for advanced analytics.

  • Scalable Solutions: Modular design for tailored and expandable maintenance systems.

  • ROI Enhancement: Cost-effectiveness through minimizing downtime and extending equipment life.

These sensors are the bedrock of smart predictive maintenance, ensuring systems run smoothly while curtailing maintenance costs.

Technical value proposition 

Infineon's Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit is the quintessential tool for engineers seeking to proactively avert system failures and streamline maintenance operations. Equipped with high-fidelity XENSIV™ sensors, it captures critical data across multiple parameters, while the XMC4700 microcontroller offers agile, on-site data analysis or optional cloud processing for comprehensive insights.

Security is paramount, and the OPTIGA™ TRUST M ensures end-to-end protection of sensitive data against cyber-attacks. This kit is the engineers' gateway to predictive maintenance, simplifying the transition to smart, data-driven decision-making that maximizes uptime, minimizes costs, and upholds system integrity in industrial environments.

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