frc wheel 3d printed

test wheel for med project at school. all of it is printed



The goal of this project is to design a wheel that is totally 3D printed minus the hardware. The material used will be off the self and affordable, making this a reasonable alternative to purchasing wheels from a manufacturer. The wheel will be four inches in diameter total and a width of one and a half inches. It was decided the best way to do this would be a multi part rim, with a solid core and a flexible tread that can be changed out. This also allows for multiple materials to be used without the need of a multi-extruder 3d printer, making this accessible to as many teams as possible. The material used for the tread is Ninjaflex Cheetah filament. It is an easy to print TPU material that has a 95A shore hardness, making it stiff yet flexible. Though it is not as soft as wheels commonly used, we still believe it will operate similar to normal tread. It also has a chemical resistance which is preferred in case they somehow come in contact with any lubricant from the robot.
The inner pieces were printed for these test using polymaker pc-max. This is a formulation of polycarbonate that is specifically designed for 3d printing and is known for its overall strength compared to other thermoplastics without requiring a very expensive printer (which is common for materials like ultem or peek). This material is more expensive than most filaments ($40 per 750 grams), but this file should be able to work with more common materials such as ABS or PETG.

![](/images/Untitled Project 8.jpg)


Analysis needed to be done on the the design files, bit we were not able to find solidworks mterials to match the materials being printed.

The materials folder houses all the material data we could find over the materials used.

We also had to develop materials for solidworks (will be posted soon)

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