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Trossen Robotics

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Trossen Robotics is a supplier of robust low cost robotic platforms for various industries. Our robotic platforms are used in a wide range of industries including research, education, remote mapping, remote inspection, and materials delivery industries. Trossen Robotics offers both ready-out-of-the-box solutions as well as consulting for custom designed solutions. Our company offers a wide range of manipulators and mobile platforms ranging from desktop and light weight to industrial form factors. Our product lines include manipulators, tracked and wheeled mobile platforms and legged quadrupeds.

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Could this be the time we say goodbye to robotic awkwardness and hello to seamless motion? This article highlights the groundbreaking concept of whole-body control, a coordinated robotic motion technique that resembles natural movement. Imagine a robot smoothly navigating its environment, performing tasks with grace and precision. This innovative approach allows for improved efficiency and greater versatility in real-world settings.

Unifying Robotic Arm and Leg Movement for Whole-Body Control