Think Big: Sourcing Parts Way Beyond Standard Sizes

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A large-scale CNC machine.

A large-scale CNC machine.

Additive manufacturing, CNC machining, and other technologies are rapidly evolving. Now, massive parts measuring more than 10 meters are becoming commonplace.

There are a lot of obstacles engineers, designers, and manufacturers face. One of those challenges is a big one - the maximum permittable size of the part. 

The standard sizes for the range of manufacturing technologies - especially 3D printing - simply aren’t enough for specific applications. Fortunately, parts are getting bigger and better.  

We put together this chart so you can explore the possibilities for your applications in prototyping, spare parts, and series production, without worrying about size constraints. 

Instead of thinking in centimeters, you can design with meters in mind.

Parts even larger are possible, but this chart outlines sizes available on the MakerVerse on-demand manufacturing platform. 

Understanding Each Technology

  • One of the core offerings is rapid casting in metals. With a size of up to three meters, this process allows for high precision and is often used for spare parts.

  • Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) in metals is a popular 3D-printing technology for oversized parts. This medium-precision process is ideal for functional prototypes and small series production. Our exemplary size in the longest dimension for this process is five meters.

  • For parts requiring additive manufacturing with metals, Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) offers high levels of precision and an exemplary size of 1.5 meters. Industrial makers often use this technology for functional prototypes and small-series production.

  • Another additive manufacturing technology for oversized parts is Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). With MakerVerse, you can print polymer parts up to 2.5 meters in the longest dimension.

  • Sheet metal fabrication offers truly oversized parts of up to 12 meters. This technology is highly scalable, making it ideal for serial production.

  • CNC machining with metals offers similar advantages with parts up to 10 meters at scalable speeds. Parts made with this technology are especially precise.

Getting Started with MakerVerse

The need for parts that transcend traditional size boundaries is obvious. This article has shed light on some of the cutting-edge manufacturing technologies that allow for the creation of oversized parts, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. From rapid casting to additive manufacturing and beyond, these processes make it possible to think bigger than ever before.

The message is clear: don't limit your vision to the standard sizes. It's time to create big, as size is no longer a limit, but an opportunity.

At MakerVerse, we're committed to enabling our customers to explore the full potential of these technologies, regardless of the size of the project. 

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