The New Akenza IoT Application Enablement Platform - Webinar 2021

21 Apr, 2021

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The New IoT Application Enablement Platform akenza!

Managing a portfolio of devices across different connectivity platforms creates unnecessary complexity and administration effort. Akenza developed a self-service IoT platform, that offers features such as: Connectivity-as-a-Service, No-Code Data Flow, and Advanced User Managament and more!

Introduction to the new akenza - Webinar Series | April 15th, 2021 

We believe that the Internet of Things will improve our lives radically. However, building an IoT solution is still a complex endeavor. 

We are convinced that by substantially reducing the effort and complexity that companies face when creating IoT solutions, we can accomplish the broad market employment of the Internet of Things. The new akenza platform has been developed with this goal in mind, it enables organizations of all sizes to develop their own smart solutions in self-service and without the need to write any code. 

Discover the new features of the akenza platform in a live demo from our Product Manager Fabian and learn about : 

  • Connectivity-as-a-Service
  • No-code Data Flow
  • No-code Rule Engine
  • Advanced User Management and more!

Click here to try the 30 days free trial with all the features.

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Akenza is dedicated to helping companies build their own smart IoT solutions. The Akenza IoT platform can be seen as a bridge between the physical world and the cloud. With a simple and secure management of smart devices, connectivity, and data, it enables the rapid market introduction of innovative...

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