TechBlick Innovations Festival

Engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and end users are invited to join TechBlick Innovations Festival, exploring additive, printed, 3D, and wearable electronics on 25 April 2024 online.

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The TechBlick Innovations Festival, happening online on April 25, 2024, is a curated event for engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and inventors, focusing on advancements in additive, printed, 3D, and wearable electronics, among other topics. 

It features networking opportunities and an immersive virtual exhibition. Attendees can expect talks from leading global speakers representing companies like SPGPrints, ACI Materials, and Akoneer, covering topics such as scaling printed electronics from lab to production, transformative conductive inks, and semiconductor packaging innovations. For more details, visit the event page.

The last Innovation event had over 700+ participants [not registrants]! Do not miss this opportunity! There are simultaneous events throughout the day, including presentations from Neibling, NanoPrintek, TracXon, Kimoto, and more. 

The cutting-edge virtual environment enables you to meet other participants, attend events, and discover new technologies. 

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Speaker Highlights

The event features a wide range of speakers covering all aspects of the additive and flexible electronics sector. Following are some of the highlights of notable speakers and their topics from Track 1 and Track 2:

Highlights from Track 1

Innovating with TFT technology in both optoelectronic and biological ways — Partner and Co-CEO of LinkZill,

Yixing Yang, will speak about TFT semiconductor technology and its applications in various fields of optoelectronics and life sciences such as large-area bio-sensing, novel display, high-throughput DNA synthesis, and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD).

Scalable, customizable, multimodal electrode platform for biosensors and sensors — Healthcare Marketing Director of Linxens, 

Christelle Robellin, will speak about the latest advancements in Point-of-Care Diagnostics enabled by Linden’s innovative manufacturing process. She will cover recent developments in electrode design, surface coating, microfluidics, and connectivity, highlighting their applications in continuous monitoring of glucose, wound healing, water quality, and sports performance.

Advances in wash testing of conductive inks for wearable electronics — Business Development Manager of Nagase ChemteX America Corporation (NCU),

Alan Brown, will address the significant challenges faced by conductive inks when applied in wearable applications, with a particular focus on washability—the most formidable obstacle among them. 

Beyond paper: Inkjet printing is the future in drops — Manager of Sales and Services of Suss MicroTec, 

Peter de Vrieze, will discuss groundbreaking technologies aimed at advancing the field of printed electronics. De Vrieze will spotlight the latest advancements in analysis tools, ranging from cutting-edge dropwatching technologies to intelligent inspection tools.

Highlights from Track 2

Demonstration of flexible and printed electronics production using INO PE Line A7 — representing INO Sales US,

Nivas Vehar will demonstrate the production process of flexible and printed electronics through three-color screen printing, showcasing zero scrap and exceptional efficiency. After the demonstration, attendees can engage in a Q&A session to explore the complexities of this cutting-edge process.

Going maskless for semiconductor packaging with SSAIL — CCO of Akoneer

Tadas Kildusis, will introduce SSAIL technology, enabling direct copper deposition onto organic and dielectric materials. He'll discuss its applications in RDL, fanouts, and heterogeneous integration, emphasizing high adhesion for reliability in automotive and defense.

Laser Patterning of sputtered coatings for high-volume production of flexible devices — Mechanical Engineer at Intellivation LLC,

Matthew Kleyn, will discuss advanced roll-to-roll (R2R) solutions using vacuum coatings and laser patterning to meet the demand for high-volume flexible devices across industries. He'll emphasize optimized process controls and the importance of modularity and scalability for high-volume production.

High Pressure Forming (HPF) for In-Mold Electronics (IME) processes — Director Sales & Marketing at Niebling GmBH,

Udo Weustenhagen, will speak about the importance of precise 3D substrate forming for In-Mold Electronics (IME). He will cover the alignment of conductor tracks, electronic components, and graphics within injection tool cavities. Weustenhagen will introduce the high-pressure forming process, highlighting its benefits over traditional methods, including lower temperatures and clever automation for series production.

For the full list of speakers and presentation times, visit the event page.