Reflecting on the Evolution of Plastics at Kunststoffenbeurs 2023: A Leap Towards Sustainable Innovation

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03 Oct, 2023

Reflecting on the Evolution of Plastics at Kunststoffenbeurs 2023: A Leap Towards Sustainable Innovation

Wevolver attended the recent plastics innovation event. We bring you the highlights.

Towards a sustainable future

Kunststoffenbeurs 2023, The Plastics And Rubber Trade Fair, took place on September 20th and 21st at the Brabanthallen in 's-Hertogenbosch, marking a significant stride towards sustainable, smart, and innovative practices in the plastics and rubber industry. This event, held annually since 1999,  creates a platform for experts, companies, and enthusiasts to explore the future of plastics and rubber.

The central theme of this year's fair was 'Future of Plastics,' which encapsulated the ongoing advancements, initiatives, and novel production techniques within the industry. Over 210 industry experts congregated to discuss and showcase the endless opportunities that plastics and rubber present for sustainable product development and production. The unique properties of these materials, such as versatility in color, shape, and weight, along with their compatibility with various production techniques like injection molding, thermoforming, and 3D printing, were highlighted.

Addressing CO2 emissions

The exhibition floor was bustling with over 210 specialized companies, educational institutions, research projects, startups, and student teams. They delved into various facets of the industry, ranging from plastic processing and shaping, product design and development, to sustainability and machinery construction. One of the notable areas was the Machineplein by Equip-Plast, where 20 exhibitors demonstrated state-of-the-art technology aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption in the plastics and rubber industry.

A significant part of the event was dedicated to addressing the stigma often associated with plastics. Exhibitors and speakers emphasized the ingenious ability of plastics to optimize resource usage and contribute to sustainability. The EU's Green Deal's impact was also discussed, shedding light on the emerging requirement for manufacturing companies to provide CO2 emission data for their products.

Prominent industry figures like Merijn Tinga, the Plastic Soup Surfer, and Dirk Groot, the Zwerfinator, took the stage as keynote speakers, sharing their crusade against plastic pollution and exploring the potential of plastic recycling. Their insights were part of a broader congress program aligning with the event's theme of making the future of plastics sustainable, smart, and innovative.

The Rethink Plastics Awards presented by the Federation NRK were a highlight of Kunststoffenbeurs 2023, alongside an expo showcasing sustainably produced products. These segments of the event underscored the industry's commitment to rethinking traditional practices and steering towards a more sustainable and innovative path.

Kunststoffenbeurs 2023 served not just as a trade fair but as a collaborative platform for the entire Benelux plastics and rubber industry, fostering discussions, partnerships, and a shared vision for a sustainable future in plastics. Check the highlights of the event in the video above.