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'Moveable walls': the solution to working from home

01 Feb, 2022

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It’s a common problem – how do you maximise the functionality of a small space to incorporate both home and work life? ‘Moveable walls’ that open up, or section off space, can provide a dedicated work from home space – even in small apartments.

Working from home is hardly a new phenomenon, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more normalised.  The biggest issue? Space to work.  Watch this video to see a cleverly designed apartment where you can move the interior ‘walls’ to separate space according to your needs: the perfect solution to creating a home and work space. Moveable floor-to-ceiling shelving units are supported on casters and guided at the top by HepcoMotion’s GV3 linear guides, allowing the ‘walls’ to be moved across the apartment.  Moving the shelving units reveals and hides compartments, improving the layout of the compact living space and providing the opportunity for a dedicated work from home space – even in small apartments. Positioned next to the bathroom in the corner of the apartment when fully closed, the storage units contain a fold-out bed, work surfaces, shelves and storage space.

The GV3 linear guides provide both the guidance and sufficient compliance in order to achieve the required low friction movement as it was imperative that the units could be moved easily by hand, without too much force needed.

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