MK3 Speeder Build - The Airspeeder Update

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03 Dec, 2020

Airspeeder is the flying race car series that is pushing the boundaries of science and technology. In August, we've been working on our MK3 Speeder, an important step in our journey to making history.

Airspeeder calls its vehicles flying electric cars, but it's probably easier to think of the wheelless multicopters as car-sized drones. Powered by electric batteries, the carbon-fiber craft use eight propellers to fly, and the tiltable motors are designed to allow pilots to navigate through the course's pylons at high speeds.

To prevent crashes, Airspeeder is working with the companies Acronis and Teknov8 to develop "high-speed collision avoidance" systems for its Speeders.

The eVTOL speeders have been custom manufactured by Alauda Aeronautics Pty Ltd,  built with performance and agility as their primary objective. Their teams will be exclusively using the MK4 speeder with the ability to modify select components. 

Learn more about the Aispeeders here

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