Investor Podcast Ep 5: Insights into BrainChip's Latest Developments

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11 Jul, 2024

Investor Podcast Ep 5: Insights into BrainChip's Latest Developments

Explore BrainChip's latest advancements by tuning into Episode 5 of their Quarterly Investor Podcast. CEO Sean Hehir addresses critical topics for shareholders, including the successful Akida space launch, takeaways from the Embedded World Conference, and updates on the Akida Edge AI Box.

Edge AI leader BrainChip recently held its quarterly investor podcast, addressing key developments and answering burning questions from shareholders. Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving, with a growing focus on processing power at the "edge" of networks. This means less reliance on centralized cloud computing and more emphasis on on-device intelligence. 

In this article, we dive into the highlights from the podcast, covering BrainChip's successful conference participation, exciting space deployment, and its approach to securing commercial partnerships.

Insights from the Embedded World Conference

The Embedded World Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, served as a crucial platform for BrainChip to showcase its innovative AI solutions and engage with industry leaders. CEO Sean Hehir's participation at the conference showed a landscape buzzing with discussions on AI at the edge, a theme resonating strongly throughout the event. 

BrainChip's presence at the conference was met with success, evident from the tremendous booth traffic and the strategic positioning within the tiny ML Pavilion. Noteworthy demonstrations, including an emotion detection offering in collaboration with Inviso and the VVDN Edge Boox, garnered significant interest from investors, existing clients, and potential prospects. 

The conference provided a valuable networking opportunity and set the stage for promising collaborations and future growth opportunities for Brain Chip in the dynamic field of AI technology.

AI Technology in Space

A landmark moment for BrainChip occurred on March 5th, 2024, when their AI technology, Akida, was launched into space aboard the ANT-61 spacecraft. While a formal ASX announcement wasn't made due to specific criteria, the launch represents a significant validation of Akida's capabilities in harsh environments where low power consumption and offline processing are crucial. 

This event represents a significant milestone, showcasing BrainChip’s advancements in neuromorphic computing and highlighting the robustness of their technology in extreme environments.

Despite the magnitude of this achievement, some shareholders questioned the absence of an ASX announcement to commemorate this historic event. In response, CEO Sean Hehir clarified that while the company adheres to ASX guidelines, the space launch did not meet the criteria for a standalone announcement. 

Emphasizing the importance of this venture, Hehir highlighted BrainChip's neuromorphic technology's unique capabilities in space environments, as evidenced by a blog from Accenture and a press release from the European Space Agency

Remuneration Report and Commercial Engagements

The 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) saw BrainChip receive a first strike against its remuneration report, prompting the company to make substantial changes to its policies to address the concerns raised by proxy advisors and institutional investors. 

CEO Sean Hehir acknowledged the possibility of a second strike at the upcoming 2024 AGM. He stated that the company has made prudent preparations to handle such a scenario if it were to occur effectively. However, Hehir expressed optimism that the significant improvements made to the remuneration report would prevent a second strike.

Akida Edge AI Box on Track: Pre-Orders, Partnerships, and Sales Strategy

Investors eager for updates on the Akida Edge AI Box won't be disappointed. The podcast provided valuable insights into this exciting product:

1. Pre-Orders Progressing Well

News regarding pre-orders for the Akida Edge AI Box was positive. While specific figures weren't disclosed, CEO Hehir confirmed that pre-orders are in line with expectations. This indicates strong initial interest from potential customers.

2. Partnering for Success

BrainChip clarified its sales strategy for the Akida Edge AI Box. The primary sales channel for larger-volume purchases is through their established partner, VVDN. For smaller quantities, BrainChip's website handles pre-orders. It also gathers valuable customer feedback and identifies potential use cases. This two-pronged approach ensures efficient sales while providing useful insights for product development.

3. Securing Commercial Contracts

A central focus for BrainChip is securing commercial contracts. CEO Hehir expressed confidence in BrainChip's competitive edge. The company hasn't lost to competitors yet and is engaged in deep discussions with potential clients. 

Engagement with Institutional Investors and Proxy Advisors

During the first quarter of 2024, BrainChip's CEO, Sean Hehir, engaged in a series of crucial meetings with institutional investors and proxy advisors in Sydney and Melbourne. These meetings played a significant role in shaping the company's strategic direction and investor relations. 

Proxy advisors, in particular, are essential in influencing voting outcomes at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by guiding institutional investors on critical resolutions related to corporate governance, remuneration, and ESG matters. 

By actively engaging with proxy advisors, BrainChip aims to gain valuable insights into investor sentiments and expectations, ensuring alignment with best practices and transparency in corporate governance.

Conclusion: A Look Ahead for BrainChip

The BrainChip quarterly investor podcast provided a comprehensive overview of the company's landscape and vision. Overall, the podcast paints a positive picture of BrainChip's path forward. By capitalizing on market opportunities, attracting top talent, and fostering strong investor relations, BrainChip appears well-positioned to become a leader in the burgeoning edge AI revolution. 

Listen to the full podcast here.

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