Introducing the next generation of energy storage - LAVO Energy Storage System

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Integrated hybrid hydrogen battery that combines with rooftop solar to deliver sustainable, reliable and renewable power to home and business

The LAVO Energy Storage System developed in partnership with UNSW and Design + Industry, LAVO is a hydrogen hybrid battery that stores over 40KWh of electricity. Enough to power the average Australian home for 2 days. Integrating with standard rooftop solar, LAVO generates green hydrogen for renewable power when required.

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LAVO patented hydride absorbs hydrogen in metal alloy to enable safe, long term storage within a secure vessel. Sustainable energy for home and business

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  • CREATES HYDROGEN from water
  • STORES HYDROGEN into LAVO’s patented metal hydride
  • GENERATES ELECTRICITY by converting hydrogen into power
  • DELIVERS POWER at a regulated voltage to home
  • MONITORS & CONTROLS performance via the LAVO app

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