Highly Dexterous Manipulation System: Human-like Strength and Dexterity

RE2's HDMS mimics human interaction. providing numerous benefits for military, civilian and industrial users.

27 Aug, 2020

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RE2's HDMS offers human-like dexterity in a compact, rugged design.

RE2's HDMS offers human-like dexterity in a compact, rugged design.

Featuring dual robotic manipulator arms and a movable human torso, RE2 Robotics' Highly Dexterous Manipulation System can be mounted onto a variety of third-party platforms. The system’s ability to mimic human interaction provides numerous benefits for military, civilian and  industrial users. 

HDMS is available in selectable configurations, including 11, 15 or 16 degrees of freedom (DoF) that meet or exceed the dexterity of a human arm. HDMS provides operators with agile, human-like control in a variety of complex indoor and outdoor environments. 

The system is extremely flexible and configurable, allowing for both the dexterous manipulation and precision placement of objects. In addition, since HDMS offers a form factor similar to that of an average human, it can easily move and operate within an existing infrastructure, decreasing the need for costly facility upgrades. RE2's arms provide human-like capabilities beyond traditional industrial arms and cooperative robots. They combine strength, dexterity, and efficiency, all in a compact, rugged, lightweight package. 

Standard Features:

  • Power-dense: The 11-DoF HDMS system weighs just 33.5 pounds, but can lift 120 pounds (more than triple its body weight). 
  • Power-efficient: Runs off of standard DC voltages, drawing minimal current. 
  • Quick Release technology: Allows end effectors at the end of a robotic arm to be quickly and effortlessly changed. 
  • Accessory independent: HDMS has more payload ports than a single-arm system, allowing users to add extra accessories, such as cameras, imaging sensors, navigation and communication systems. 
  • Intuitive Control: HDMS is controlled using RE2’s propriety Imitative Controller, which is a scaled model of the robot’s manipulators

To learn more about HDMS, download RE2's eBook, "The Benefits of a Dual-Arm Robotic System" or visit RE2's website.

27 Aug, 2020

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