Highly Dexterous Manipulation System: Capabilities

RE2's dual-arm robot features human-like strength and dexterity

22 Jul, 2020

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RE2's HDMS can operate indoors and outdoors in unstructured environments

RE2's HDMS can operate indoors and outdoors in unstructured environments

RE2’s dual-arm system, called the Highly Dexterous Manipulation System (HDMS), is an extremely flexible and configurable robotic manipulation system which allows for both the dexterous manipulation and precision placement of objects. Because each arm operates independently via RE2’s proprietary Imitative Controller, tasks that would be difficult or even impossible for a single-arm robot to complete can be easily accomplished with the HDMS. For instance, a two-arm robot can pull items apart, remove the cap from a bottle, lift heavier weights with two arms, and brace itself with one arm while performing tasks with the other — even under harsh conditions.

When it comes to interacting with the world, the proven benefits of HDMS are unparalleled. While a single-arm robot can be advantageous for specific tasks, a two-armed system provides users with agile, human-like control over their environment — especially when it comes to dull, dirty and dangerous missions.

Read our eBook for complete details and specs about our HDMS dual-arm robot, and visit our website to learn more about our robotic arm technology.

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