Build2gether 2.0 Inclusive Innovation Challenge

Explore and address needs in assistive technology, creating meaningful solutions for individuals with disabilities. Win great prizes!

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After the incredible impact of the previous Build2gether 1.0 challenge, we’re thrilled to invite innovators, dreamers, and engineers from around the globe to participate in this year's challenge for groundbreaking solutions that enhance accessibility for people with disabilities.

Objective: Focus on creating assistive technologies that address the unique challenges faced by individuals with visual and mobility impairments, enhancing their daily lives both indoors and outdoors.

Prizes: Over $100,000 in PrizesFrom the Build2Gether 2.0 Ultimate Award to multiple category prizes and lucky draws.

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Two Paths to Innovation

This year's challenge is organized into two main focus areas, each divided into two specific tracks to guide your innovations. There are several Contest Masters (i.e., experts in the disability space) helping you in each track.


  • Track 1:Adaptation for OUTDOOR Activities for people with visual impairments with Contest Masters: Marc Chiang, Steady Goh, Stuart Francis, Tony Morgan, Kah Wee Neo, Joan Hung Hui Xin, and Josh Tseng.
  • Track 2:Adaptation for INDOOR Activities for people with visual Impairments with Contest Masters: Amanda Chong, Amanda Swafford, Benson Loo, Hong Sen, Patricia Poo, Alan Etermi, and Dallon Au Yew Zhang.


  • Track 1: Accessible HOME & TOOLS for people with mobility impairments with Contest Masters: Paul Fjare, Drew McPherson, Paul Amadeus Lane, and Vivek Gohil.
  • Track 2: Accessible SPORTS & HOBBIES for People with Mobility Impairments with Contest Masters: Julie Keenan, Ashley Lindsey, Jake Scarborough, and Hoàng Gia Khánh.

Win Big and Make an Impact:

  • 200 Hardware SUPERBOXES up for grabs, each packed with cutting-edge tech.
  • Over $100,000 in Prizes: From the Build2Gether 2.0 Ultimate Award to multiple category prizes and lucky draws.

The SUPERBOX contains the following hardware:

Key Dates


Contest Begins

February 26, 2024 at 3:00 PM PST

Submissions close

August 15, 2024 at 11:00 PM PDT

Winners announced by

Sep 1, 2024

Get Started:

Engage: Submit up to two solutions, one for each focus area.
*For your submission to be eligible to receive prizes, you must fill out the survey found at by May 1, 2024 at 10:00 AM PT.

Collaborate: Benefit from tailored feedback from our Contest Masters.

Innovate: Your solutions could win you amazing prizes and the chance to change lives.

Everything you need to know, including information on the prizes, Contest Masters etc. can be found at the page.

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