A magnetic climbing robot for inspection of steel structures.

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28 Sep, 2020

A magnetic climbing robot for inspection of steel structures.

By introducing robots for the inspection, multiple inspection processes can be executed in parallel. This speeds up the overall inspection process, which today often is performed on a section-by-section basis through a single inspector.

The MINOAS climbing robot is a concept for the inspection of marine vessels.

This climbing robot combines technologies with a standardization of the overall inspection process. 

In this approach, the MINOAS team is developing an infrastructure that supports human personnel through high locomotion enabled robots equipped with high-resolution sensors. 

The project uses crawling, climbing and flying robots to access different parts of a ship. The info gathered by the robots is then presented to the inspection staff in a central command center. 

The inspection process is therefore made more efficient and less tough for human inspectors.

The heterogeneous, multi-modal MINOAS robot fleet will be able to cover most sections of a standard vessel, including both on board and overboard regions. 

In particular in regions that are difficult to access (e.g. in tall cargo holds or on the ship hull), the robots provide the inspectors with advanced remote perception and handling capabilities. Among others, this will reduce the need for costly supporting measures (e.g. scaffolding to access large cargo holds) and increase workplace safety for the inspectors.

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