3D scanner expands quality assurance services

21 Jun, 2022

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3D scanner expands quality assurance services

Rohde & Schwarz uses the HandySCAN 3D for quality control, measuring vehicle interiors, inspecting free-form surfaces, and additive manufacturing processes

With its leading solutions in the fields of testing and measurement, technology systems, and networks and cybersecurity, Rohde & Schwarz, a technology company based in Muich, is one of the pioneers of a more secure and networked world. Founded more than 85 years ago, the group is a reliable partner for its customers in industrial and government sectors around the globe. 

HandySCAN 3D for the Rohde & Schwarz Teisnach plant

The Teisnach plant is a system supplier and center for mechanical and electronic manufacturing within the Rohde & Schwarz network. Among the products manufactured at the plant are body scanners, housings, printed circuit boards, TV and radio transmitters, customer-specific wireless communications systems, micromechanical precision parts, and electromechanical custom products of all kinds. As a contract manufacturer, manufacturing services are offered as part of the complete range of services from product and software development to after-sales service.

As broadly diversified as the Teisnach plant is, so too are the measurement tasks, which can range from quality control workflows in the company’s own production lines to complete reverse engineering tasks for additive manufacturing projects.

A flexible 3D measurement system was to be introduced at the Teisnach plant in order to be able to supplement the range of services offered by the internal quality assurance department. The goal was to find a measuring tool that would offer the greatest possible flexibility in measurements as well as in terms of its applications: quality control, the measurement of vehicle interiors for modifications, inspections of free-form surfaces, and additive manufacturing processes. The aim was to achieve a high level of accuracy at all times. In addition, the team was looking to reduce inspection times as well as implement a faster and easier method to create 3D models.

Accuracy requirements also included being able to objects ranging from the size of a 10x10x10 mm cube to the vehicle geometry of a jeep, with a required accuracy of up to 25µm.

The HandySCAN BLACK | Elite from Creaform met all the requirements the measuring system and was integrated as an extension to the range of quality assurance services at Rohde & Schwarz, where other stationary tactile and optical measuring devices are already in use.

The decisive factor for selecting Creaform’s 3D scanning solution was the wide range of applications it could handle and following features:

  • High accuracy and fast acquisition of free-form surfaces and large components as well as quick assessment of the scan data. Thanks to non-contact scanning, highly sensitive surfaces and contours are never damaged—contrary to when a touch probe is used to inspect parts, such as gold-plated components.
  • Older or damaged stamping or injection molding tools for which no 3D data set is available can now be scanned. The generated scan data can be used to generate CAD model sand reproduce the tools.
  • Flexibility, precision and user-friendliness in handling the 3D scanner
  • Due to high scanning speeds, the amount of time needed for the design of vehicle interiors has been reduced from 1 working day to 2 working hours.

Customer summary

The HandySCAN 3D is regularly used in the Teisnach plant. Operators carry out 3D measurements in the dedicated measuring room, directly in the workshop for component inspections, and at customer sites.

Due to the portability and high level of accuracy of the HandySCAN BLACK | Elite, we create added value for our customers that would not have been possible with our existing equipment. The Creaform system is extremely versatile and represents a great improvement for us, especially for the construction of special-purpose vehicles. For example, we can now accurately and quickly measure vehicle interiors for adaptive designs. In addition, we can efficiently check free-form surfaces with the scanner. The excellent service and support provided by Creaform should also be underscored. Overall, we are very satisfied,” said Josef König, Head of Quality Assurance/Testing Technology at the Rohde & Schwarz plant in Teisnach.