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STMicroelectronics STEVAL-WBC2TX70 Evaluation Board

A digital controller-based Qi-compatible wireless power transmitter evaluation board.


Product TypeWireless Transmitter Evaluation board
For evaluation ofWireless chargers
On-board chipSTWBC2-HP wireless power transmitter chip
Power SupportUp to 70 W power charging
CompatibilityQi-Compatible wireless chargers
ApplicationsWireless Chargers


The STMicroelectronics STEVAL-WBC2TX70 is a QI 1.3-compatible evaluation board designed for the evaluation of wireless chargers of up to 70 watts. It’s designed around the STWBC2-HP digital controller and offers a wide range of power compatibilities for Qi Baseline Power Profile (BPP) and Extended Power Profile (EPP).

It also features the proprietary ST SuperCharge (STSC) protocol, allowing it to evaluate charging power up to 70 watts. The board features two interfaces: UART protocol for monitoring and control via a graphical user interface and SWD JTAG for direct NVM access. The interfaces use the STLINK-V3MINIE bridge allowing seamless evaluation of wireless charging applications.  

Efficient Power Features for Seamless Charging Applications

The STEVAL-WBC2TX70 provides a smooth and power-efficient way to evaluate wireless chargers. It features the STWBC2-HP wireless power transmitter chip, which is powered by USB-PD or a 20-volt power adapter. An onboard synchronous boost DC-DC converter amplifies the input voltage and supplies it to the bridge. In addition to the converter, an onboard full bridge inverter ensures optimal power supply to the load end.

The board also features a Q-factor measurement coil that detects the presence of Rx devices. It’s also embedded with the foreign object detection (FOD) function to automatically initiate and terminate the charging process. Moreover, chip safety is enhanced by the introduction of on-chip thermal management tools and protection mechanisms, preventing any potential thermal damage to the evaluation board. A combined on-board connector allows the user to interact with the board for data acquisition.  

Multiple Charging Power Compatibilities for Up to 70-Watt Wireless Power Chargers

Although this evaluation board can go up to 70-watt charging evaluations, it provides a flexible evaluation mechanism for lower-power devices too. It’s Qi-compatible, which means it can interact with all Qi wireless power transmitters. The Qi 1.3 upgrade allows it to work with all wireless power chargers above 5 Watts.

Thanks to a versatile range of charging power, the evaluation board provides:

  • Up to 5 watts of power charging that is compatible with baseline power profile (BPP) chargers.

  • Up to 15 watts of power charging compatibility for extended power profile (EPP) chargers.

  • Up to 70 watts of power charging compatibility for ST SuperCharger (STSC) chargers. 

The STEVAL-WBC2TX70 evaluation board can be used in a wide range of wireless DC power applications, such as power supplies, DC converters, and wireless chargers. Its support for up to 70-watt applications allows it to cover a wide spectrum of modern DC-powered applications. 



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