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Semtech LR1120 Development Kits

Highly integrated multi-technology geolocation, low-power, and cloud-ready solution to develop Semtech's LoRa Edge LR1120.


TypeRF Modulator
PCB layers4
Reference ClockTCXO, 32
Frequency1.9 to 2.7
RegionsNorth America, Europe, Asia/China Region


Semtech LR1120 development kit is a low-power and cloud-ready solution integrating a LoRa Edge transceiver. It is based on Semtech's LR1110, offering 2.4 GHz LoRa modulation with improved connectivity. LR1120 development kit is a highly integrated multi-technology geolocation that enables affordable and simplified asset management for its users. This latest technology adds multi-band capabilities to the device-to-cloud geolocation platform. This further enables direct satellite-connected IoT applications, including logistics and supply chain management.

LoRa Edge LR1120 

Semtech's LR1120 development kits are designed to help developers start designing and prototyping applications using the LR1120 LoRa transceiver. LR1120 is a low-power, long-range transceiver that operates in the sub-GHz band and is ideal for many IoT applications. 

It supports multi-band Frequency Hopping Spectrum (LR-FHSS) communication over 2.4 GHz for scientific, industrial, licensed S-Band, and medical (ISM) bands for satellites. In addition, multi-technology geolocation is combined with GNSS for outdoor and Wi-Fi for indoor in areas with poor satellite coverage.

In contrast to sub-GHz LoRa, satellite communication for IoT typically offers global coverage. Devices can operate anywhere in the world by using LoRa in the satellite communication S-band, the licensed area of the ISM from 1.9 GHz to 2.2 GHz.

LoRa Edge LR1120 is equipped with LoRa Cloud geolocation solver, which transfers the location processing workload from the device to the cloud. This supports Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) ultra-low-power passive scanning and GNSS (BeiDou and GPS constellations) low-power scanning for different applications.

IoT devices that use LoRa Edge LR1120 can connect to a wide range of terrestrial and satellite networks. This creates new opportunities for satellite connectivity in remote environmental monitoring, agriculture, and infrastructure monitoring.

Semtech LR1120 DK Products and Features 

Semtech LR1120 development kits are available in three formats:

1. LR1120DVK1TBKS: LoRa 868-MHz ISM band for Europe; 2.4-GHz ISM band

2. LR1120DVK1TCKS: LoRa 915-MHz ISM band for North America; 2.4-GHz ISM band

3. LR1120DVK1TGKS: LoRa 490-MHz ISM band for China/Asia; 2.4-GHz ISM band

Semtech LR1120 DK use TCXO 32MHz reference clock, with 22dBm (Sub-GHz) and 11.5dBm (2.4GHz) Tx out power. Each development kit contains two different RF modules. One for active and the other for passive GNSS antennas. These development kits comprise an STM32L476RG Nucleo board, two LR1120 Mbed shields, a 2.4 GHz antenna with SMA connection, a GNSS active antenna with SMA connection, a GNSS passive patch antenna with SMA connection, and a region-specific sub-GHz antenna with SMA connection. 

LR1120 development kits integrate a passive Wi-Fi Access Point address scanner and a multi-constellation global navigation satellite (GNSS) scanner. The development kit complies with the physical layer requirements of LoRaWAN standard specifications, providing flexibility to meet a wide range of applications.

LR1120 DK features a hardware crypto engine that supports AES-128 encryption-/decryption-based algorithms, along with the same security features as the LR110. To support ultra-low-power trackers, it also offers the same level of low power consumption as the LR110.

Due to the fact that standby power is measured in the sub-1-A range, it enables the use of battery-powered trackers and other devices whose lifespan is measured in years as opposed to weeks or months. The tracker using the LoRaWAN backhaul achieves a 66% advantage in terms of power consumption.

The LR1120 DK enhances interoperability between various regulatory areas. Fleet management companies are bound to pay these network providers for coverage in each of these regions because the European Union has different networks for each of its member nations.

A single product does not need to be certified for various networks or operating frequencies when using satellite communication or 2.4-GHz LoRa communication. With 2.4 GHz, it is free and a single network provider; it is essentially the same band that Wi-Fi and BLE use now.

The Semtech LR1120 Development Kit has vast applications in multi-regional asset location, multi-regional inventory management, multi-regional asset loss, theft prevention, recovery, and traceability.


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