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OPTIGA™ TPM SLB 9672 RPI Evaluation Board

Evaluation board for seamless integration and evaluation of Raspberry Pi standards boards


Product CategoryAuthentication Development Tools
Operating SystemLinux
Input Voltage3 or 1.8
Interface TypeSerial Peripheral Interface
ApplicationsMedical Devices, Network Equipment, Servers, Surveillance Cameras, PLCs, Smart buildings


The OPTIGA™ TPM SLB 9672 Raspberry Pi evaluation board is designed to work with the Infineon OPTIGA TPM SLB 9672, featuring a Raspberry Pi HAT for seamless integration with Raspberry Pi boards. It lets you connect to a standard 40-pin GPIO Raspberry Pi board providing all the necessary software and GUI tools for quicker integration and board configurations. Its versatile features make it a useful application for IoT modules widely used in networking, automation, Programmable Logic Controllers, and many other industrial devices.

User-Friendly Interface for Instant Plug-and-Play Applications

The OPTIGA™ TPM SLB 9672 RPI is designed for instant use requiring minimal setup time and operations. It works with Linux operating systems and is relatively straightforward to set up. Therefore, it simplifies the evaluation and integration process allowing developers to speed up their prototyping and evaluation processes for networking and IoT devices. 

The board features intuitive hardware to integrate Raspberry Pi microcontrollers and simplified GUI-based programming software. It allows users to explore the board functionalities by running ready-to-use example codes. That's why it's a beginner-friendly evaluation board that doesn't require in-depth knowledge of the board and its operations. Moreover, there are sufficient codes and support on GitHub, ensuring the developers can easily download and run codes intuitively.

As a result, the OPTIGA ™ TPM SLB 9672 RPI evaluation board is best suited for IoT developers and network programmers for developing instant applications for commercial and residential needs. The compact board size means it can fit inside miniature modules without compromising on operations and configurations. 

Simplified Design for Raspberry Pi Compatibility

The OPTIGA™ TPM SLB 9672 RPI Evaluation board provides simplified connectivity features. It features a 40-pin header that can easily integrate with the Raspberry Pi controller, and its Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communication ensures high-speed operations. 

It conforms with the Raspberry Pi HAT standards allowing the developer to reset the board from the Raspberry Pi board by using the JP1 connector pins. It also features a physical reset button (S1) for instant hard resetting from the board. To configure the reset options, the JP1 pins must be configured as follows:

  • Connect Pin 1 to 2 - the host board cannot reset Raspberry Pi

  • Connect Pin 2 to 3 - the host board can reset Raspberry Pi

  • No Connection - the host board cannot reset Raspberry Pi 

The board runs on a minimal 3.0 or 1.8 Volts power supply. It supports easy connectivity between external modules and Raspberry Pi controllers to facilitate various applications like Industrial Controls and Automation, Networking Systems, IoT devices, Surveillance Systems, Medical Devices, and many other devices that require miniature controller modules. 

The board features extensive documentation and necessary software tools to help users start evaluating and developing RPI controllers. It's compact size and low power consumption makes it a useful device for portable and on-site applications that require remote connectivity. Therefore, it can be useful for sensor data acquisition from remote platforms.


Mouser Electronics [Internet]

Mouser Electronics [Internet]


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