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Kent, OH, USA


Design, Human-Robot Interaction, Human-Computer Interaction

What we do

Robotically Augmented Design (RAD) Lab is an interdisciplinary platform developed at the intersection of media, design, interaction, and robotics, with an emphasis on UI/UX design, Human-Machine Interaction, physical computation and tangible interfaces. Founded and directed by Ebrahim Poustinchi Assistant Professor of Architecture at Kent State University’s CAED, RAD Lab is currently based in Kent, Ohio.The Lab explores design-oriented experimental set-ups' potentials, with an emphasis on revisiting the role of technology in the curation of novel personal or spatial/architectural experiences. Ranging from musical improvisation with robots to using robots to fabricate objects, to hybrid storytelling via robots and AR, to moving building components, RAD Lab covers a variety of interests with one central theme: How can we cohabit with technology, in a less hierarchical way, where robots, machines, "professionals" and "non-professionals," enjoy a new collaborative perspective, for a more diverse future.

Latest Posts

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