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We are MistyWest. An engineering design consultancy that exists to create an inclusive and prosperous global community enabled by technology, with a focus on projects that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By empowering our world-class research and engineering team, we create technically complex intelligent connected devices that accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable future. We combine our deep knowledge of physics, engineering and manufacturing to overcome technical barriers and turn concepts into products, providing full-stack hardware solutions for our clients. Our core areas of technical expertise include Optics, Embedded Vision, AWS/Azure IoT, Low Power Electronics, and Wireless Connectivity (Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular and Satellite).

Latest Posts

Critical minerals are crucial for technology and a green economy but are hard to access due to depleted deposits and mining's eco-social issues. MistyWest recently hosted a meetup to discuss innovation barriers and societal perceptions.

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Low-power computer vision provides a new opportunity to gain a practical understanding of the world through data collection and vision in remote areas.

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The greater the amount of high-quality data you have, the better your machine learning model will be. This post looks at the challenges (and solutions) involved in creating and organizing a dataset when you’re starting from scratch.

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Choosing between computing on the cloud or on the edge is a decision that can impact things like your device’s cost or efficiency. Here’s how you can ensure you make the right decision early on in your product development roadmap.

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