Case Study: AR as a Game Changer for Machine Builder Company

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09 Jul, 2024

Case Study: AR as a Game Changer for Machine Builder Company

From avoiding costly mistakes to faster design decisions and stronger customer relationships: How Hololight Space plays a big role in the product development process for global engineering company Tipteh.

AR Engineering for Your Business

In the article below, we showcase how one European machine builder leveraged AR software to increase collaboration and accelerate design outcomes. 

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How can Augmented Reality (AR) enhance business operations? Is it beneficial for small to mid-sized companies?

In the midst of a global pandemic, Tipteh, a machine builder and system integrator based in Belgrade, Serbia, began exploring how immersive technologies could facilitate collaboration among its engineers and engage with customers while adhering to social distancing measures.

AR has the potential to assist small—to mid-sized businesses in various ways, from collaboration to faster design cycles to encouraging new ideas and methods of working. In this article, we showcase how one European machine builder managed all three by using Hololight solutions. 

A New Way of Engineering

Tipteh is an industrial automation specialist with about 90 employees and more than 4000 customers worldwide. The team faces the constant challenge of creating effective and efficient solutions quickly. The road from an idea to a real machine that will fulfill customer needs and requests is very complex and often involves many iterations.

“To avoid extra costs and save time, we needed a tool that would give our designers a complete insight into the machine design through a real 3D view,’ explains Mileta Vracar, Development Manager Engineering at Tipteh. 

In order to meet Tipteh´s high standards for its engineering process, the collaboration solution they were looking for also needed to be able to visualize as many details as possible to help engineers collaborate on the 3D model with no errors or misunderstandings. It was essential to fulfill all ergonomic requirements during the designing phase. “Especially because we were in the time of a global pandemic we were reliant on an innovative solution to collaborate without traveling, while saving time and resources. We liked Hololight Space instantly when we tried it,” Vracar further comments.

Faster Design Times with AR

The Hololight Space now enhances collaboration and synchronization within Tipteh´s industrial designer team. When designing complex machines with 3D CAD tools engineers sometimes struggle to picture the design in their minds and understand the real dimensions and positions. With robot-based solutions, these challenges are getting even harder. Perfect designs with zero errors or problems become a necessity to keep the engineering process efficient. Engineers need to see how all the parts are fitted in a real 3D environment. 

With Hololight Space the engineers are looking at how designed parts are fitted together and if there are potential problems. Understanding all aspects of the 3D model helps to recognize any mistake or problem early on and prevents costly errors in production or machine failures. Checking safety requirements and ergonomic issues during the designing process by experts in the field is also very important. Same as preparing the installation team so they can build the machine in the fastest and most efficient way.

Incorporating Clients and Business Partners

Incorporating clients and business partners into the design process through Augmented Reality (AR) can significantly enhance collaboration and satisfaction. AR tools allow engineers to present design concepts in a highly interactive and immersive manner, making it easier for clients to visualize and understand complex projects. This technology enables real-time feedback and iterative design improvements, ensuring that client requirements are met accurately. 

Tipteh uses Hololight Space to show customers and partners design concepts in progress. Engineers and customers jointly sketch, discuss and further develop designs or ideas in Augmented Reality. 

“Hololight Space helps collaboration and coordination in our design team and we avoid costly errors before production. We also needed to incorporate our partners in the designing process to actively present stages during specific machine designs.” - Mileta Vracar, Development Manager Engineering at Tipteh

The customer can give feedback on whether the design meets his requirements and also see – using a HoloLens 2 for example – the digital twin in the real production environment. In turn, Tipteh´s engineers can plan and develop in a more targeted manner. “With this approach we are saving costs in the right place and make our customers more satisfied,” says Vracar.

Augmented Reality as a Key Technology

Now, all of Tipteh´s engineering teams have used Hololight Space to exchange ideas and show their work to see how it interconnects to other parts of the design. “Our employees find Hololight Space very intuitive and easy to use. Hololight also responded super-urgent to any request for training and support,” Vracar notes. “The implementation of Mixed Reality on HoloLens 2 with Hololight Space was new for our company and now is becoming an integral part of our designing process.” Thus, for the future Tipteh also plans to use the technology in integration and retrofitting of existing machines.

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