Build2gether Inclusive Innovation Challenge: Winners Announced

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29 Dec, 2023

Build2gether Inclusive Innovation Challenge: Winners Announced

The Build2gether Inclusive Innovation Challenge has successfully concluded with the announcement of its winners. This challenge represented a collaborative effort to push the boundaries of innovation in creating solutions for people with disabilities.

Challenge Overview

The Build2gether Challenge was designed to address gaps in assistive technologies, focusing on enhancing the daily lives of individuals with disabilities. Participants were called upon to develop cutting-edge solutions across three specific themes: gaming and travelling for people with mobility impairments, and swimming for people with visual impairments. 

Spotlight on the Ultimate Winner: Bob Hammell

Among the various outstanding submissions, Bob Hammell's projects stood out, earning him the Inclusive Innovation Challenge Ultimate Award. Hammell presented three distinct projects, each targeting a different theme of the challenge:

  • Underwater Sound Beacons for Visually Impaired Swimmers: An innovative solution utilizing audio cues to help visually impaired swimmers navigate safely in pools.
    Image credit: Bob Hammell

  • Voice-Enabled Video Game Controller: A controller designed for gamers with limited mobility, allowing voice commands to serve as game inputs.
    Image credit: Bob Hammell

  • Interactive Display for Finding Wheelchair-Accessible Places: A touch-enabled display aiding mobility-impaired individuals in locating wheelchair-accessible facilities while travelling.
    Image credit: Bob Hammell

Each project demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and offered practical, innovative solutions.

More Winners and Awards

In addition to Hammell's achievements, the Build2gether Challenge recognized numerous other contributions across its varied themes. These awards highlighted the diverse range of innovations, each contributing significantly to the field of assistive technologies.

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The Build2gether Inclusive Innovation Challenge has set a new benchmark in technological advancements for disability support. For a complete overview of the challenge, the winners, and their groundbreaking projects, interested individuals are encouraged to visit this page for detailed information and insights into these remarkable innovations.