3D Printed Robotic Gripper 1

An open source, 3D printed, underactuated robotic gripper.


Degrees of freedom (DOF) 2
Servo Dynamixel MX-28
Output torque 2.5 Nm
Power 12 V
Software MATLAB or C/C++ Robot Operating System (ROS)
Fabrication technique 3D-printing
Material ABS
Weight 500 g
Costs <400 $


The three-fingered robotic gripper consisting of the three 2-DOFs underactuated fingers, a base, a palm, a gear train set, and an actuator.

The fingers are attached in a circular way with 120 degrees between each other. This allows the worm wheels of the fingers to be driven from a single actuator via the actuating worm. This type of layout of the fingers is preferable for grasping spherical or cylindrical objects of different sizes.

The gripper has a simple design and relatively higher payload property comparing to similar size tendon driven mechanisms.

The 3-D design model of the gripper is manufactured with a minimal number of 3-D-printed components and an off-the-shelf servo actuator.

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Describes the design and prototype assembly of the robotic gripper including underactuated finger and gear train design and analysis. The grasping performance of the gripper prototype is presented, followed by the discussion on possible design modifications.

Y. Tlegenov, K. Telegenov, A. Shintemirov - 10th IEEE/ASME International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications (MESA’14), Senigallia, Italy, September 2014.

Describes the design and manufacturing of the 3D printed three-fingered robotic gripper and the grasping performance of the robotic gripper prototype Also the conclusions and future work is presented.

Y. Tlegenov, K. Telegenov, A. Shintemirov - 2014 IEEE/ASME 10th International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications (MESA), September 2014.

Describes the design of the finger mechanism, gripper, and the breakaway clutch mechanism. The grasping performance and simulation of the robotic gripper are analyzed. Lastly, future directions of the project are discussed.

Y. Tlegenov, K. Telegenov, A. Shintemirov - 2014 10th France-Japan/ 8th Europe-Asia Congress on Mechatronics (MECATRONICS2014- Tokyo), November 2014.

Describes the project and has more video's. Also contains a link to the open source designs.


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