Guidelines for Publishers

We believe that the key to Wevolver’s and your success is to give our community members a great experience and to provide valuable knowledge.

These guidelines are written based on our experience and understanding of what works for the engineering community. By keeping high standards for everyone who publishes on Wevolver we make sure that we keep inspiring engineers and delighting them with impactful information. This will create long term value for you as a publisher too.
We will keep updating our guidelines as we keep learning from our community, so please check this page regularly. Also have a look at our Content Creation Guide to help you with the right tone and content of your posts.

What NOT to publish on Wevolver:

In short; any content that is purely promotional and/or that doesn't provide any meaningful knowledge to technology developers. Also, any incomplete content that is not informative in itself and only a lead to external content does not work on Wevolver. To be successful your content must bring value to our engineering community.

Guidelines on Text

  1. Provide value, refrain from advertising: Yes, you can totally write for marketing purposes and you can name and describe companies and products. But engineers are allergic to plain advertisements or promotional content that doesn't bring any valuable knowledge.
  2. Aim for as much objectivity as possible: Don't add superlatives as 'the best,' 'leading' that don’t contribute to the quality of the content (for example: don’t say something like ".. industry leading company X is developing the best product in the field").
  3. Bring knowledge, not just news: Don't use Wevolver for PR announcements, press releases, or company news.

Guidelines on Visuals

  1. Avoid using banner images with added text or logos.
  2. Ensure you have the rights to use the images or use right-free images.
  3. Ensure your images have a high enough resolution (in the body of the posts, images will be up to 788px wide)

  1. Photos are generally preferred over illustrations for banner images.
  2. If you must use stock images in any of your visuals, then be sophisticated and creative in your choice. Find relatively authentic images and avoid standard stock images that make your content come across as cookie-cutter low-quality content.
We are here to help. Your great content is what makes Wevolver cutting edge and loved by our community. If anything in the guidelines isn’t clear or difficult to implement, just let us know and we’ll help you out.

On behalf of the Wevolver team,
Bram Geenen, Co-founder Wevolver.
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